[Free Webinar] Awesome Active Directory password controls

Active Directory passwords are easy to crack. Since the password controls have not changed in over 15 years, attackers have been given ample opportunity to develop successful strategies for cracking passwords. We all have the same vulnerability with regard to …

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Free webinar series: Advance your security and management skills with Derek Melber

Over the next few months, you have the opportunity to attend many free and live webinars presented by MVP Derek Melber. The topics will all be covering key security and management areas that all administrators struggle with today. The webinars …

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ADSolutions world tour update

As you may know by now, we’ve been touring the world in 2016 (just like we did in 2015) to spread Active Directory knowledge, solutions, and insight that you can apply to your AD environment. Thus far in 2016, we’ve

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[Webinar] How Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping can stop you from losing customers

With ever shortening technology life cycles, change is not only constant but also quite frequent in today’s IT enterprise. So can your business keep up with such rapidly evolving IT? To stay on top of the change management

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Monitoring of Active Directory Changes Made Easy

There are some things that Microsoft builds into their product that are just amazing, while other things that are just pathetic! When it comes to monitoring Active Directory, we have both. However, by using the good and supplementing

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Attend Our Webinar; Improve Your Data Center Efficiency and Streamline ​Business Services Delivery

data center management webinar

Delivering business-critical services to end users without any disruption or degradation in the quality or speed can be quite a challenge. The underlying  network and server layers must be in top shape, because  any performance degradation, fault, or attack

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Free Webinar: Active Directory Monitoring and Auditing Like Never Before!

Do you struggle with monitoring and tracking of Active Directory changes? Do you want to monitor Active Directory changes but have given up due to the complexity? 

Microsoft provides some very detailed tracking capabilities in Active Directory

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Register for Pink Elephant Webinar: Is Today’s IT compatible with Tomorrow’s Social Media Consumer?

With the worldwide social media boom, IT businesses are increasingly emphasizing on technologies and platforms to keep up with the ever-changing social media landscape as well as consumers’ demands. Customer expectations are changing in the blink of an eye. This …

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