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Still troubled by weak passwords in your Windows environment? Join our webinar to learn about strengthening passwords

As an administrator, keeping your Active Directory (AD) environment secure falls on you! Relying on passwords only for authentication is asking for trouble, especially when users set weak passwords like Password@123. Administrators need a way to ensure users are who …

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Microsoft Patch Tuesday updates for March 2019

Zero-day vulnerabilities patched in this month's Patch Tuesday

Microsoft has just released its March installment of Patch Tuesday updates to address 66 vulnerabilities in its applications. Of these 66 vulnerabilities, two are currently being exploited in the wild, 17 are critical, 45 are important, one is moderate, and …

Desktop Central 2 min read

What is remote monitoring and management (RMM)?

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) is the process of tracking, monitoring, and managing endpoints for multiple clients. It is mostly used by managed service providers (MSPs) to provide IT services to organizations who outsource their IT requirements. Two of the …

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The what, why, and how of unified endpoint management


Unified endpoint management by IT admin

IT management has become a department that exists in every business ecosystem, irrespective of verticals. Those who are responsible for taking care of IT management need to work around the clock to secure and maintain servers, computers, smartphones, tablets, …

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Five worthy reads: A look at the healthcare sector’s persistent insider threat

Five worthy reads is a regular column on five noteworthy items we’ve discovered while researching trending and timeless topics. This week, we explore how insiders have become the biggest threat to healthcare organizations. 

As the number of data breaches and …

ManageEngine 3 min read

Automated billing: A must-have feature for MSPs

Although a manual billing process might initially be sufficient for your organization, it can become exasperating as your customer base grows. Given that many managed service providers (MSPs) work with a large number of customers, it’s no surprise that automated …

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2nd year in a row: Gartner recognizes ManageEngine in its Magic Quadrant for Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics

OpManager’s network monitoring capabilities have been serving the network administration industry for more than a decade. What started as a basic network monitoring tool has grown tremendously in terms of both features and operations, placing OpManager among the top network …

OpManager 1 min read

Gain insights into user behavior and detect insider threats

A whopping 60 percent of cyberattacks are caused by insiders. This could be due to excessive access privileges, an increasing number of devices with access to sensitive data, and the growing complexity of information technology. To make matters worse, traditional …

Active Directory 1 min read

Are you an IT admin for an MSP? Life’s about to get easier!

Being an IT admin in an MSP is a tough job. Not only are you supposed to take care of the endpoints in your network, but you also have to manage the endpoints across all your customers’ networks. The sheer …

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Desktop Central’s comprehensive approach to software deployment

If you’re experiencing sky-high levels of stress while deploying commercial and non-commerical software to your network computers, Desktop Central is the antidote to all your problems. Desktop Central, our endpoint management solution, makes it easy to deploy software to multiple …

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