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[Free e-book] Hybrid cloud monitoring: A fundamental driver of efficiency in hybrid clouds

According to a recent study conducted by International Data Corporation, the median enterprise reported a 15% or greater reduction in the time to market due to hybrid cloud investments. Most organizations across the globe are adopting hybrid clouds. This trend …

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[Free seminar] Can businesses rely on AIOps to enhance ITOM?

Over the past two years, AIOps has seen tremendous gains, with more businesses adopting it and some becoming more adept at utilizing it. A survey conducted by Masergy says nearly 94% of IT leaders firmly believe that AIOps adoption in …

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IT infrastructure monitoring

IT infrastructure monitoring as a whole picture is about keeping track of the health and performance of all the IT assets in a network environment. The network management system gathers data on various metrics, like availability, health, performance, and utilization. …

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Bigger and better: We’ll be at GITEX Technology Week 2022 Dubai this October as a silver sponsor!

Demand in the Middle East market for IT and tech adoption is rising. At ManageEngine, we understand the differing needs of our enterprise customers in the Middle East and we are willing to explore emerging technologies that could bring meaningful …

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Introducing ManageEngine CloudDNS for all your critical DNS infrastructure management needs

The DNS is the most critical part of network infrastructure and the only doorway to the internet. We at ManageEngine, a division of Zoho Corp, understand this criticality well and have carefully designed software that helps IT infrastructure management professionals …

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Unify vulnerability detection and remediation with the integration

MangeEngine - integration


According to the latest Ransomware Spotlight Year End report, 56% of the 223 older vulnerabilities identified prior to 2021 are still actively exploited and used as the entry points to ransomware attacks. This warrants the question of why enterprises …

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Device discovery: The path to total network visibility

For an organization to prevent cyberattacks, it first needs complete visibility into all the events that occur within its network. With this visibility, the organization can analyze risky behavior by users and entities, and take the necessary steps to proactively …

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[Free Seminar] How can AIOps benefit traditional IT shops?

Digital transformation has been occurring across most industries over recent years, and businesses have started adopting multi-cloud digital infrastructures in order to remain agile and scalable. These hybrid multi-cloud infrastructures present complexities in managing and monitoring data.

A research report …

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North Korean hackers taint PuTTY SSH client with malware

Mandiant has reported an instance in which a group of North Korean hackers tainted the PuTTY SSH client through a malicious ISO package.

The issue

In July 2022, during a session of identifying non-remediated threats, Google-owned cybersecurity firm Mandiant Managed …

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