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Microsoft Patch Tuesday August 2019: WannaCry-level “wormable” flaws patched

No matter how prepared you are, Patch Tuesday never fails to throw in a surprise. With the Microsoft Security Response Center’s warning note, “August 2019 Security Update includes fixes for wormable RCE vulnerabilities in Remote Desktop Services (RDS), affecting all …

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Active Directory authentication protocols and security risks

For organizations to maintain security and reduce their threat exposure, it’s critical to understand the vulnerabilities and challenges of Windows authentication protocols. For instance, the inherent flaws of the LM and NTLM protocols render them susceptible to simple attacks. It’s …

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Zooming in on UEBA: Answering the “what” and the “how” 

What is UEBA?

User and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) is a relatively new category of cybersecurity tools that utilize machine learning (ML) algorithms to detect abnormalities in the behavior of the users and entities that belong to an enterprise network. …

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Azure AD Password Protection: The good, the bad, and the ugly

People often use common words as their passwords so they don’t forget them. This practice impacts security severely, making it easy for hackers to easily breach accounts by guessing these common passwords. Microsoft’s Azure AD Password Protection is a feature …

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Find out which of your employees pose the greatest security risk

Among the different types of cyberattacks, insider threats are the hardest to track and have the highest rate of success. This can be attributed to their use, or rather misuse, of legitimate credentials, machines, and access privileges.

Traditional SIEM solutions …

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Seven ways to secure macOS deployments in your enterprise

macos security

Over the years, deployment of macOS devices in enterprises have grown exponentially in comparison to Windows PCs. Research has revealed the top reasons enterprises are adopting Macs: employee preference, reduced IT costs, and improved OS security.

From a survey …

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Five events you should be alerted about in your network

“What types of events in my network are indications of an attack?” This is a question many IT security experts find themselves wondering, often because there isn’t one definitive answer.

Configuring alerts for every type of event isn’t an option. …

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Prevent data leaks with ManageEngine Device Control Plus 

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new product to the ManageEngine family, Device Control Plus — the Data loss prevention (DLP) solution you need to control removable devices at any stage.

 Many organizations today use a number of …

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