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Applications Manager: A game changer for multiple businesses

To retain a competitive advantage in today’s fast-paced digital market, organizations need to focus on their application stack. Error-prone or bug-ridden applications may deter potential customers from visiting a site again. Organizations must monitor application performance at every level to …

Applications Manager 2 min read

One expired security certificate leaves millions of smartphones offline

Yes, you read the headline right. And no, this outage isn’t the first of its kind. Ericsson, the Swedish multinational networking and telecommunications company, joins the list of organizations that have caused huge service outages for customers because of one

Key Manager Plus 2 min read

Microsoft Patch Tuesday updates for December 2018

Another month and another Patch Tuesday update from Microsoft. But this month, the buzz is all about a third-party patch from Adobe that addresses a zero-day vulnerability. This vulnerability (CVE-2018-15982) is rated critical since it’s being actively exploited …

Desktop Central 2 min read

Integrating Siri shortcuts with ServiceDesk Plus Cloud’s iOS app

Performing actions in ServiceDesk Plus Cloud’s iOS app using just your voice is now possible! With this new integration with Siri shortcuts, you can perform a number of actions in ServiceDesk Plus. For instance, you can view a summary of …

ServiceDesk Plus 1 min read

Advanced analytics for ServiceDesk Plus’ ticket history, projects, and knowledge base modules

We’re happy to announce the release of advanced analytics for three more ServiceDesk Plus modules:

  • Request transition history—Visualize the complete request timeline, from ticket creation to ticket resolution.

  • Projects—Plan, manage, and monitor project progress to deliver IT projects on time.

Analytics Plus 3 min read

Leveraging logic and AI to detect malicious behavior in Active Directory [Webinar]

Active Directory is still vital for every organization that’s staying on-premises or moving to a hybrid environment. Protecting Active Directory from attacks is also essential, but many of the current technologies fall short of providing the overall security needed. Combining …

Active Directory 1 min read

Tackling IP address management challenges using OpUtils

If you’re a network administrator, then you probably already know that complex spreadsheets and home-grown solutions for IP address management (IPAM) just don’t cut it anymore. You need a solution that provides comprehensive IPAM, DHCP management, and DNS monitoring to …

OpUtils 3 min read

5 ways to ensure business continuity in the wake of network disasters

Many businesses today are built around their network infrastructure, which often requires frequent modifications. But these frequent changes can turn out to be the weakest link in their infrastructure. Any of these changes have the potential to cause network disasters …

General 1 min read

Conquer it with correlation—Part 2: The data breach

In my previous post, we looked at how event correlation can be used to deal with advanced persistent threats (APTs). The thing is, an APT is just one ugly face of a much larger epidemic: the data breach. In …

Log360 4 min read