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Could adding devices for log collection be any easier?

In December, we released EventLog Analyzer 11.3, which automatically discovers Windows devices from Active Directory and workgroups. This greatly simplifies the process of configuring Windows devices for log collection.

In our release last month, we built on this idea

EventLogAnalyzer 1 min read

Breaking SIEM and network security stereotypes


Whenever we see the word SIEM, we can’t help but picture something really complexa huge network, a big organization, advanced attacks, and a lot more. SIEM (security information and event management)  is meant to handle higher-end

IT Security 1 min read

Assign the manager attribute automatically when group membership changes

Every administrator wants their systems to be smart. For example, when a employee moves from one department to another, all of the department-based attributes for their user account need to be updated. Having the system know and update what needs …

Active Directory 1 min read

Simplified user certificate tracking with Key Manager Plus

Windows Active Directory (AD) is one of the most widely used administrative models among enterprises. User management in AD is smooth when there are only a few users, but as the number of users grows, problems start to arise

Key Manager Plus 2 min read

ADSelfService Plus free online workshop series

ADSelfService Plus free online workshop series

March 1st to 30th

Every Wednesday and Thursday

 [Register now]

ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus—the integrated Active Directory self-service password management and single sign-on toolis back with some great news. Based

General 1 min read

6 IT help desk lessons from the casinos of Vegas

Everything’s a gamble, love most of all.

-Tess Gerristen

IT help desk teams might beg to differ with Gerristen. For them, IT service management is usually the biggest gamble.  With business continuity at stake, IT admins can’t afford to

ServiceDesk Plus 3 min read

ManageEngine UserConf: Learning, laughter, and leadership

We want to give a big hug to each and every person who joined us in the San Francisco Bay Area for the ManageEngine UserConf 2017. And hugs, too, for those who couldn’t make it. Thank you all! We didn’t …

General 2 min read

Notify users (and their managers) that their passwords are about to expire

No one likes to micromanage, but everyone dislikes when a user ignores a critical email. If an email is sent informing the user that their password is going to expire and they ignore it, their password will expire. When a …

Active Directory 1 min read