Keeping threats at bay and safeguarding the network is every IT administrator’s primary concern. However, it’s usually easier said than done. With traditional auditing solutions, numerous event logs are simply pulled up with little context and no correlation between then, leaving it up to the administrator to solve the puzzle, and spot a potential threat.

Some administrators resort to threshold-based alerting systems, but these are prone to multiple false positives, because it’s nearly impossible to configure thresholds to accurately distinguish suspicious activities using static thresholds; activity that may be typical for one user may be out of the norm for another.  

This is where user behavior analytics (UBA) comes into play. UBA incorporates machine learning in threat detection. By dynamically setting baselines based on users’ every day behavior, even the smallest anomaly can be immediately and accurately spotted. Admins can view neat reports on anomalies, and use this information to correlate events and detect threats.

Join us for this webinar on August 29th at 2 PM EDT as our IT security expert, Jay, talks in depth about how organizations can leverage UBA to ward off insider threats and security attacks.

 In this webinar, you’ll:

  • Get insight on how privilege abuse is carried out, and how you can detect it as early as possible.

  • Learn how employees accidentally disclose critical data and open doors to external threats, and discover ways to avoid these types of threats.

  • Learn about the challenges surrounding breach investigations, and ways you can simplify threat detection.

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Mohamed Jafriin
Product Consultant

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