Organizations deal with several security incidents on a daily basis. Establishing accountability in resolving these incidents is a tough job. From detecting incidents to resolving them, you need a proper incident management system that will not only ensure accountability but is also streamlined with all your security processes. With the right SIEM solution, you can do exactly this.

ManageEngine’s upcoming webinar “Streamlining incident management using SIEM” explains why incident management is so important and how a SIEM solution can help you more easily manage incidents.

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Five reasons you won’t want to miss this webinar:
1. Get a detailed look at the concept of incident management.
2. Learn how incident management relates to the various security processes in your organization.
3. Discover the impact of good incident management on network security.
4. Learn how you can ensure accountability in resolving security incidents.
5. Understand the role of SIEM in building thorough incident management capabilities.

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