With the number of data breaches increasing by the day, enterprises need to closely evaluate their security infrastructure. Protecting systems and critical data, averting potential threats related to privileged access, and comprehensive event monitoring are essential areas that need to be evaluated for securing IT infrastructure. As native tools in Active Directory (AD) alone aren’t enough to meet the security requirements of Windows networks, enterprises need a comprehensive and centralized security solution.

That said, enterprises face a whole new set of challenges when it comes to implementing security mechanisms for AD. Administrators often don’t know where to start when it comes to securing their Windows environments. The most common and recurring questions include What do I need to protect? How do I protect it? and What level of security is sufficient? Finding the answers to these questions will help eliminate security and protection issues related to AD, servers, users, privileges, vulnerabilities, etc.

In our upcoming webinar series on Active Directory auditing and security, we’ll explore solutions to these common security concerns, including:

  • Monitoring and alerting on changes to AD security configurations and Group Policy.
  • Ensuring endpoint security and minimizing overall security exposure.
  • Tracking and tackling various aspects of internal attacks.
  • Configuring and monitoring privileges and privileged access.

Session 1 – October 16
Active Directory and server security: Tracking, monitoring, and alerting of modifications

Session 2 – October 17
Securing and protecting corporate networks: End point security

Session 3 – October 18
Securing and protecting Active Directory: Tracking and securing insider threats

Session 4 – October 22
Securing and protecting Active Directory: Securing privileged access in Active Directory

Register now and learn how to comprehensively secure and audit AD.

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