AlarmsOne integrates with numerous on-premises and SaaS-based IT infrastructure monitoring, log analysis, and project management tools.

AlarmsOne is now multilingual

To extend our accessibility beyond English speaking countries and make IT alert management more flexible for our users, we have internationalized AlarmsOne. We’re happy to announce that AlarmsOne is now available in seven different languages. Now you can view

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Escalate alarms instead of overlooking them

What happens if your on-call staff is unavailable to act on a critical alarm? Chances are it would lead to a substantial loss for your business. But why worry when the appropriate person can be notified instantly to act on

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Goodbye, alert noise. Hello, multi-criteria alerting!

Every IT management tool sends alerts. A lot of alerts. While some alerts are important, most of them are trivial. The sound of alerts makes IT ops and DevOps teams flinch. And nobody likes to wake up to an

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Custom API integrates in-house apps with AlarmsOne

Businesses use tons of custom-made, internal applications to monitor their IT infrastructure. To integrate those apps with AlarmsOne, we introduced email integration. But, as discussed in a previous blog, email alarms don’t contain rich data. To solve this

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Eliminate alerts about scheduled downtime

The IT infrastructure of any enterprises needs regular maintenance. Each time you schedule maintenance, you know that your IT will be down for a while. And, you don’t need AlarmsOne to repeat information you already know. To avoid redundancy,

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Manage your workforce effectively. Manage your alarms even better.

In a recent study , IHS Inc., a global information company, found that the cost of Information and communication technology downtime is around $1 million a year for a typical mid-size company to over $60 million for a

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AlarmsOne integrations are as easy as it gets, thanks to email

Does your application send an email alert when something’s wrong? If so, your IT is about to get a whole lot simpler. You can now integrate your application with AlarmsOne via email.

In our pursuit to develop a centralized tool

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Group your alarms to focus on what matters

Let’s say that you pick up a dictionary to learn more about a word. What if the words in the dictionary aren’t in order? Then, you’ll have a fairly slim chance of finding your word. The same thing will happen

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Centralized Alarm Management for Free!

Alarms are critical in almost every industry. Alarms alert organizations to perceived threats, and each alarm must be addressed before the threat it identifies has a chance to materialize and cause serious damage.

When it comes to the IT

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