DevOps teams use a number of monitoring, project management, log management, and other IT management tools to receive alerts when something’s up. While this helps IT teams keep their system up and running at all times, the content of the alerts sent by some applications might not be relevant or insightful to the technicians who work on those issues. Now, with the Alarm Modifier feature, you can add new fields to an alarm, modify existing fields, rename fields, or remove them altogether.

Need to assign owners to your alarms to make configuring notification profiles easier? Just add a new field with the field name owner and the technician’s name as the field value. Then, configure owner as a required alarm criteria and notify technicians if an alarm contains their name in the owner field.

Let’s say you monitor your servers using Site24x7. Should any incidents occur, you may have to look into user manuals, tutorial videos, or seek help through support. To make troubleshooting easier, add a new field and include a hyperlink to these help documents as the field value.

You can also use Alarm Modifier to rename any existing field values that seem irrelevant. For example, if the existing display name of your server is AB-18-33-xyz, you can change the display name to Server-1833 so you have an easier time identifying it.

In cases where the field value is relevant but the field name is not, Alarm Modifier allows you to rename existing field names. You can also remove fields from an alarm to make your alarm content short and to the point.

Using Alarm Modifier, you can start customizing your IT alerts and create alerts that work for you. Log in to your AlarmsOne account and try configuring Alarm Modifier to transform your alerts into meaningful ones. If you don’t have an account yet, start your free, 30-day trial.