At ManageEngine, we strive to make our products more effective every day so you can manage your IT infrastructure with ease. AlarmsOne already comes fully stocked with all the features you need to monitor and manage all your IT alerts, but we didn’t think that was enough. With the new Live Feed in AlarmsOne, you now get up-to-date information on all the entities you monitor, reducing the time it takes to react to incidents.

You can broadcast the Live Feed on a screen to make it easy for your ops team to see incidents as and when they occur. The Live Feed shows the current status of each entity (website, server, MySQL). Each feed is color-coded based on the severity level of the incoming alarm, so you can easily determine whether an entity is healthy or critical. To go to the Live Feed screen, click the Live icon on the left pane in AlarmsOne.

Customize your Live Feed page and see feeds based on an entity’s display name or entity name. You can also apply filters to view a feed of alerts with a specific tag, or alarms that are from a particular application. Clicking on a feed opens the alert in the Alarms page so you can explore the details. AlarmsOne also allows you to view alerts from a specific time period and includes feeds from last one, two, three, six, 12, or 24 hours.

Say you have separate teams to manage your network, website(s), and servers. Using AlarmsOne’s Live Feed, you can broadcast live feeds separately for each team so that the server management team sees only the feeds related to servers and so on.

Never miss another critical event with Live Feed. Take a peek at AlarmsOne’s Live Feed by logging in to your account here. If you’re new to AlarmsOne, click here to create an account and start managing your IT incidents with ease.