To make your application monitoring easier, we’ve built a tighter integration between AlarmsOne and Applications Manager. AlarmsOne already has a Poller-based integration with Applications Manager; however, now it has a webhook integration that will have you receiving alerts in a jiffy.

In order to integrate, you need an active internet connection on the system you’re using to run Applications Manager.

How to integrate

  • Log in to Applications Manager and go to the Add-On/Product Integration section.

  • Select AlarmsOne.

  • Enter your AlarmsOne API key, and click Save.

Benefits of this integration

  • You can enable this webhook integration in just a few clicks, and you don’t need to install the AlarmsOne Poller to push Applications Manager alerts to AlarmsOne.

  • Now you can receive application alerts as soon as they’re created in Applications Manager, eliminating the delay caused by the Poller due to its polling frequency.

  • See your Clear actions in Applications Manager reflected in AlarmsOne.

New to AlarmsOne?

If you don’t have an AlarmsOne account, don’t worry. You can create one in a few seconds. Clicking the Register Now link in the integration help card will also take you to AlarmsOne’s sign-up page. Enter your email and a password to create an account.

Once you’ve integrated Applications Manager with AlarmsOne, log in to your AlarmsOne account to add your team members and configure on-call schedules and escalations.

With this new integration, we can help you reduce the complexity involved in application monitoring. If you want to see this integration in action, write to us at Request a personalized demo, and our team will introduce you to effective alert management.