Here at ManageEngine, we don’t think financing your alert management system should stand in the way of you bringing your IT together. That’s why we’ve introduced our new AlarmsOne plans and licensing model to meet your needs without breaking your budget.

If youre a small business, you probably use a couple of tools to monitor your IT, and have a small IT team to manage alerts from those applications. If you’ve been stressing about finding an affordable alert management tool, look no further. You can have one for free!

With AlarmsOne’s Free Plan, you can add up to three users and manage alerts from up to three applications in one console. Email alerts are free and unlimited, but you‘ll need to buy alert credits if you want to receive notifications via SMS or phone call.

Are you part of a medium-sized business that has a sizeable IT ops team? If so, you need an alert management tool that allows you to choose your on-call technicians, notify them about critical alerts, escalate unacknowledged alerts, and so on. The AlarmsOne Basic Plan will suit you best.

The Basic Plan lets you integrate as many applications as you need, create multiple schedules, define escalation policies, and share alerts with a maximum of four applications such as Slack, HipChat, Zendesk, ServiceDesk Plus, Trello, and others. The Basic Plan comes with 100 alert credits per user every month, which will allow you to receive notifications via SMS and phone call.

And if your business is large and has a complex IT infrastructure, you probably receive many critical alerts every day and have a big team to manage them. The AlarmsOne Premium Plan, which comes with unlimited app integrations and alert credits, is just what you need. Integrate your in-house apps using our custom integration, create escalation policies and schedules, and override shifts when one of your employees is unavailable. You can also configure downtime to carry out maintenance operations in multiple facilities at the same time.

We think you’ll get a kick out of our new licensing model, no matter what size your business is. Compare our different plans here and choose the one that suits you best. Try our fully-functional trial to experience simple and effective alert management free for 30 days.