ServiceDesk Plus included in GetApp’s top 25 cloud-based help desk applications

GetApp, a trusted web-based service that helps organizations identify the best apps for their business, recently placed ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus in its list of top 25 help desk and ticketing apps. In a recent survey, GetApp used five factors—capabilities and …

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ServiceDesk Plus takes second in Capterra’s list of the most popular help desk software

We are pleased to announce that Capterra has recognized ServiceDesk Plus as the second most popular IT help desk in their latest report.

Capterra helps organizations choose the best software for their business by offering a comprehensive list of …

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ServiceDesk Plus Cloud integrates with Zoho Cliq

One of the biggest challenges an IT service desk team faces is the adoption of self-service. While a dedicated self-service portal can help reduce help desk calls, the real issue is getting users to use it. So how do you …

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[Free webinar]  ITSM metrics vs ITSM analytics: What it takes to connect the dots in your IT support 

Lost business hours, change success rate, first call resolution rate, and SLA compliance rate are some of the key metrics that help improve the quality of service delivery. Metrics like these help find answers to the question: “What’s wrong

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Live Chat leads new feature lineup in ServiceDesk Plus update

We’re excited to present ServiceDesk Plus 9315, the latest version of our flagship IT service desk solution. This version introduces powerful new features and improvements that are sure to take your IT help desk support to the next level. To

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Webinar: Spearhead business innovation from your IT service desk

servicedesk plus innovation webinara

We can’t deny the fact that innovation is continuously changing the way we live our lives and how we run our businesses. But how often do you witness innovation in your IT service desk? While innovative technologies are easier to …

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6 IT help desk lessons from the casinos of Vegas

Everything’s a gamble, love most of all.

-Tess Gerristen

IT help desk teams might beg to differ with Gerristen. For them, IT service management is usually the biggest gamble.  With business continuity at stake, IT admins can’t afford to

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ServiceDesk Plus 9.3 rolls out with exciting new features for your IT help desk

ManageEngine is proud to present the new and improved ServiceDesk Plus 9.3, the latest version of our popular IT help desk management software. It comes loaded with powerful new features that are sure to boost the efficiency of your IT …

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Are you feeling the heat from your ITSM vendor?

When your ITSM vendor is acquired by another company, there are only a few things you can do:

    1. Pretend it never happened.
    2. Eagerly await communication from your ITSM vendor.

    3. Reach out to your ITSM vendor to learn how the transition

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