Now migrate your Applications Manager database from MySQL to MS SQL

Applications Manager supports both MySQL and MS SQL database backends for storing the performance data as well as the configuration information of the monitors. While most users go with the default MySQL backend, there are some who prefer the MS …

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Applications Manager now supports Ruby on Rails applications

We recently rolled out version 10.6 of Applications Manager. Support for monitoring Ruby on Rails applications, was the highlight of this release.

If you are from one of those companies which use Ruby on Rails because of the ease to …

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[Applications Manager Tip]: How to set up alarms across multiple monitors at one go

This question caught my attention in our support mails.

There are a couple of ways to do this.

Alarm Configuration Template

You can utilize this option, to replicate the threshold and action configured for a single monitor across monitors of …

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New in Applications Manager: Improved java transaction monitoring, iPhone app & more.

We had two releases back-to-back last month with versions 10.4 and 10.5 coming out. What’s new in these releases? Well, web transaction monitoring just got way better. And we have leveraged the mobile web to provide performance management for your …

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Monitor Your vFabric tc Server using Applications Manager

With the need for scalability and faster application delivery, businesses today are reconsidering the platform to be used for application deployment. With vFabric tc Server, enterprise users are now provided with a lightweight Java application server combined with the swiftness …

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Applications Manager product update webinars

We have had quite a few releases to Applications Manager in the recent past and we want to demonstrate to you how our new features work. For this purpose, we are organizing webinar sessions where we will discuss our new …

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Upgrading Applications Manager’s AS400 monitor- Take Part in our Survey

We had announced support for monitoring AS400/ iSeries servers , a couple of years back. And now,  
we are happy to announce, that our AS400 monitor is about to get a makeover!!

We’re already working on a few enhancements to

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New in Applications Manager: VMware vFabric RabbitMQ Monitoring and more

We recently released version 10.3 of Applications Manager. Here I take you through the gist of what had gone into this release.

Support for monitoring VMware vFabric RabbitMQ

Applications Manager has included, VMware vFabric RabbitMQ, an enterprise messaging middleware from …

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Effective Java Application Management just got simpler – a video overview

If you have worked with business-critical IT services, you already know how powerful Java Enterprise Applications can be. Java technology is widely used as the middleware on which the business logic of multi-tier infrastructures resides.

Enterprises have a variety of …

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