Do you ever wonder how our lives got so easy? We can communicate virtually. We can have any product or service we want delivered to our doorstep. How did this happen? The internet, people say. But is the internet alone sufficient for all of these advancements? No. The computer will not make moves for you.

                  It is the people on the other side of the screen, the ones who gave the brain and blood to the box of silicon chips and wires to bring the ideas to life. If young Ada Byron had not seen Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine at a party 180 years ago, she would not have become the first programmer, and the world would be so different today.

               From simple calculations in bytes to handling data virtually, the evolution of the software industry has seen great advancements. But who are the pillars of foundation? The programmers. These heroes are the creators of those applications you cannot imagine a day without.

We at ManageEngine create application performance monitoring solutions to empower modern day application developers, be it in the cloud or on-premises. We never fail to recognize the unrelenting efforts of application developers and have always strived to curate and enhance solutions to make their lives easier. As a token of appreciation for the endless efforts of the developers and programmers who often prefer screen over sleep to keep things running, we’ve taken the opportunity to celebrate their contributions on this Programmer’s Day 2022.

Join ManageEngine’s IT Operations Management team as we celebrate programmers worldwide on September 13th. Take a look at what you can do at the event:

  • Respond to our questions with your best one-liners, adding as much sass as you can.

  • Play Debugle. Wordle, but make it coding.

  • Take a moment to thank your favorite language for its existence by voting in our “What’s your poison?” poll.

  • Felicitate your ‘Co-De’vs by sending them e-stickers as tokens of love and gratitude.

For every time you participate, get a chance at winning a $25 Amazon gift card.

Here’s to javaphiles who love code almost as much as they love coffee! Grab a cup and unwind with ManageEngine on your special day.