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North Korean hackers taint PuTTY SSH client with malware

Mandiant has reported an instance in which a group of North Korean hackers tainted the PuTTY SSH client through a malicious ISO package.

The issue

In July 2022, during a session of identifying non-remediated threats, Google-owned cybersecurity firm Mandiant Managed …

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Why OpManager is the perfect tool to detect and troubleshoot Wi-Fi performance issues

Wi-Fi has untangled humanity, quite literally. Those jumbled Ethernet cables with their confusing ports are banished to backstage. Now, all we need is one connection to a Wi-Fi router and voila! Internet.

Wi-Fi networks simplify your IT infrastructure. WLAN networks …

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See your estimated ROI when you automate IT audit report generation with ADAudit Plus

In an IT environment, audit reports need to be generated to meet various security and compliance requirements. Our ROI calculator helps organizations estimate their potential yearly cost savings and ROI after automating the audit report generation process with ADAudit Plus.…

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[Philippines seminar] The role of AIOps in supercharging modern ITOM

Recently, businesses have started moving to digital platforms, and as a result, their data volumes are constantly growing across complex, variable network infrastructures, making traditional operations management tools and practices ineffective. ITOps teams often face redundant tasks and challenges in …

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Benefits of Apache web server monitoring tools

Incorporating Apache web server monitoring into your IT infrastructure management strategy can help identify performance bottlenecks preemptively. This proactive monitoring approach provides data necessary to ensure that your web server is up to the task and make optimizations if needed. …

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[E-book] How to detect and respond to cryptojacking attacks

Did you know that while the world was grappling with the effects of the pandemic, attackers were zealously draining the resources of unsuspecting victims to mine cryptocurrency?

The SonicWall Cyber Threat Report released earlier this year reveals that:

  • 2021 saw

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Five worthy reads: Internet of Behavior–Snooping through the digital debris

Five worthy reads is a regular column on five noteworthy items we’ve discovered while researching trending and timeless topics. This week we are exploring Internet of Behavior, which can help organizations make the best decisions in providing a customized experience …

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[E-book] Top 4 best practices for compliance management

It’s better to avoid manual handling of compliance management in a large network enterprise for two major reasons:

  1. If a device is non-compliant, admins may face heat and tremendous management overload, because their enterprise could be fined heavily and the

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Uber data breach 2022: How the hacker annoyed his way into the network (and our learnings)

On Sept. 15, Uber Technologies Inc. was breached by an 18-year-old. The hacker purchased an employee’s stolen credentials from the dark web and pushed a flood of multi-factor authentication (MFA) requests and fake IT messages to them in hopes …

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