Let’s be real, nobody enjoys dealing with a tangled bunch of tools. Especially not when it comes to keeping your company’s network running smoothly.  Imagine trying to manage a complex network with multiple monitoring apps, each with its own dashboard, reports, and never-ending stream of alerts. Well, that was exactly what a famous Italian luxury car manufacturer was dealing with. 

The need for a unified solution

Keeping all the metrics on track with multiple tools was a nightmare. The car manufacturer’s geographically distributed network, encompassing over 400 servers, 6,000 clients, and a multitude of devices across different sites. Adding to the complexity, separate solutions were used for traffic shaping, anomaly detection, and other critical network traffic monitoring functions. These functions demanded a unified monitoring solution.

5 signs that indicate the need for a unified network management system

Here are five clear indicators that your organization might be suffering from a fragmented network traffic monitoring approach and why a unified system is the key to streamlined operations.

  • Fragmented tool set: Relying on multiple tools for IT tasks like network traffic monitoring and receiving bandwidth alert leads to inefficiency and complexity. Correlating data across multiple tools can be overwhelming, indicating the need for a unified system.

  • Alert overload: A barrage of alerts from various tools overwhelms teams, hindering your response. Consolidating alerts into one interface improves prioritization and response times.

  • Data disparity: Inconsistent or incomplete data across IT tools complicates decision-making.This is especially true for network traffic data, making it difficult to identify bottlenecks. Centralizing data ensures accuracy and provides a single source of truth.

  • Complex troubleshooting processes: Navigating multiple tools for issue resolution is time-consuming. A unified platform streamlines troubleshooting, enhancing efficiency and reducing downtime.

  • Tool sprawl and licensing challenges: Managing multiple tools and their licenses can cause tool sprawl and can burden finances and administration. Transitioning to a unified system simplifies licensing, reduces costs, and streamlines tasks.

ManageEngine’s NetFlow Analyzer shifts gears on performance

Recognizing these signs, the Italian luxury car manufacturer was on the lookout for a network traffic management solution that could work efficiently with its IT infrastructure. It wanted agent-less functionality, advanced features, and cost-effectiveness. ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer checked all these boxes and more.

Key results achieved

As a result, the car manufacturer achieved a multitude of benefits after its deployment. NetFlow Analyzer tackled bandwidth-intensive applications, delivered real-time insights for faster problem-solving, automated repetitive tasks, boosted network reliability, and empowered data-driven decision-making—all while reducing costs and saving valuable time for its  IT team. A unified monitoring approach can significantly enhance network visibility, efficiency, and overall business performance. Read the detailed case study.

Swetha Suresh
Content Marketer