First look into Applications Manager’s RabbitMQ monitoring

Enterprise applications typically share data with other peer applications and provide a unified set of functionality. The communication across applications is facilitated by messaging systems which holds producers and consumers loosely coupled. The advantage of messaging system is that it doesn’t warrant both sender and receiver to be available at the same time to communicate with each other and also ensures flexible,reliable and active delivery of messages across the applications. There has been a flurry of messaging systems over the past two decades from different vendors ranging from  Microsoft to IBM. RabbitMQ is a recent player in the middleware to join this race.  RabbitMQ

Going beyond plain virtualization monitoring – The new white paper from ManageEngine

Virtualization technology has transformed the way business works with IT. However, rapid virtualization and the co-existence of virtual environments with physical and cloud entities have introduced many new complexities to businesses from an IT management point of view. 

While conventional monitoring tools can provide performance monitoring to an extent, they mostly lack the necessary operational intelligence required to track today’s complex virtualized infrastructures. What businesses need is a solution that offers more than just plain vanilla virtualization monitoring.

Our new white paper discusses the challenges faced by organizations in managing virtual environments a

Virtual Machine Sprawls: How can you keep them in check?

Is too much of a good thing bad?

The answer is yes. Wise men say too much of money can cloud your judgment. Too much of love can leave you heart broken. Too much of kindness can leave you vulnerable. In a similar vein, too much of VMs can lead to uncontrolled proliferation of VMs in your data center, also known as Virtual Machine sprawl or virtual machine glut.

Now when this happens, managing your VMs can be a real challenge. You can lose track of where your VMs are, how many are active, how many are in production servers, and whether they are secure.

How does VM sprawl happen in the first place?

Experts believe this has got something to do with the ease with which you can add virtual machines to your network. Since it has becom

Virtually yours, NetFlow on VMWare vSphere 5 !

NetFlow is turning out to be the primary IP Accounting technology in the world of networking. These days, network device vendors talk about NetFlow or sFlow support on their new device in the same vein as they mention the availability of a new 10G card or some enhanced routing feature. NetFlow or sFlow or any format of it has turned from being an “also have” technology to a “must have”. Keeping in line with this is virtualization giants VMWare. VMWare had added an experimental NetFlow support on ESX Server 3.5 sometime back. The feature then disappeared in the next couple of releases but is now back. Perfected and available on Distributed Switch with the Enterprise Plus license of vSph…

New in Applications Manager: End user monitoring enhancements, vCenter support and more

We recently rolled out version 10 of Applications Manager – our application performance management solution. The release was announced at VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas. Here is a quick heads up of the features and enhancements that have gone into this release.

Enhancements to End User Experience Monitoring

Applications Manager now provides the ability to monitor the performance of business-critical network services such as Ping, LDAP, DNS and mail server from multiple monitoring locations. These locations can either be enterprise branch offices or actual customer locations. This is in addition to the Real Browser Monitoring technology which is used to measure user experience of web applications

Automate Virtual Machine Management with Applications Manager

Many IT environments today consist of a complex mixture of physical, virtual and cloud entities. Virtual and cloud environments are dynamic by nature. Also, the performance of cloud services is in turn dependent on the performance of underlying physical and virtual resources.  Therefore, IT departments need to ensure that sufficient server resources are continuously available to support these dynamic virtual environments. This can be a time-consuming affair and prone to errors if done manually. That is why the latest release of Applications Manager (release 9.5) supports automated virtual machine management, to enable you automatically provision virtual resources based on threshold brea…

Now Monitor Hyper-V and VMware Servers from the Same Console

Yes, you heard it right! You can now monitor Microsoft Hyper-V using the latest version of ManageEngine Applications Manager (version 9.4). You may also remember that we already support VMWare Monitoring, which means you can now track the performance of VMware and Hyper-V servers from the same management console! As businesses use virtualization solutions from multiple vendors within their data center, we believe that this heterogeneous approach to virtual systems management is the way forward. Instead of having multiple point tools for different vendors, you can use Applications Manager to monitor and manage your virtual resources, as well as your entire hybrid IT infrastructure, from a single con…

Applications Manager makes VMware monitoring easy

We’ve released version 9.2 of ManageEngine Applications Manager and the main highlight of this release is VMware monitoring. We now provide out-of-the-box support for monitoring VMware ESX/ESXi host servers as well as their guest virtual machine instances. In fact, we had previewed this capability in the Best of Interop 2010 show and was a finalist in the Virtualization category.
As you probably know, server virtualization offers many benefits and many enterprises are undertaking virtualization of their IT infrastructure in order to make the most of these benefits. VMware is probably the leading vendor of virtualization software. VMware ESX and ESXi servers are the most widely deployed hyperviso

Introducing Applications Manager 9.2

We’ve just released version 9.2 of ManageEngine Applications Manager. This release includes new monitoring capabilities as well as other enhancements based on user demand. Here’s a quick look at what release 9.2 has to offer: – Virtualization Monitoring:  We’re announcing out-of-the-box support for monitoring VMware ESX/ESXi host servers and their guest virtual machine instances. We provide deep dive application component monitoring, which helps you manage both physical and virtual components of a heterogeneous IT environment. You can find out which virtual machines are consuming your server resources and take action accordingly. With the help of end-user monitor…