Virtualization and the creation of many virtual machines (VMs) within the same infrastructure was the solution organizations came up with when faced with expansive, expensive networks that needed more hardware and thus more capital expenditure to host applications. While they resolved the bigger pain points, VMs still have to be monitored as they are heavy on resource usage.

To ensure the seamless functioning of VMs, it’s therefore crucial to have dedicated VM monitoring capabilities as part of your organization’s IT operations management (ITOM).

VM monitoring facilitated by OpManager enables IT administrators to navigate smoothly through the intricacies of VMs in a virtual environment. This tool provides a comprehensive view of VM availability; performance metrics; and visibility into the VM ecosystem, covering ESX and ESXi servers, Hyper-V, Xen servers, and associated guest VMs.

Why OpManager?

Amid a sea of disparate VM monitoring tools that vary in terms of the depth of their capabilities, OpManager emerges as a comprehensive VM monitoring solution. It caters to various virtual environments (including VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Citrix Xen), providing real-time visibility and management capabilities. With preconfigured performance and health monitors, admins can set thresholds, manage faults, and receive alarms for proactive issue resolution.

The performance, availability, and health of VMs

OpManager simplifies the intricacies of VM performance monitoring. It employs automatic discovery and mapping to monitor all VMs on a host, providing detailed insights into parameters crucial for performance monitoring. With preconfigured performance monitors, administrators can easily identify VMs that are running low on resources and navigate through OpManager’s Top Hosts listings to manage CPU and swap memory consumption effectively.

A centralized dashboard for multiple hypervisors

In this era of hybrid networks with diverse hypervisors, OpManager offers a centralized dashboard for comprehensive virtual environment management. This single-pane view allows network admins to monitor critical metrics of vSphere, Hyper-V, Xen hosts, and associated VMs. OpManager also facilitates a separate view for individual hypervisors, presenting performance metrics tailored to each hypervisor’s characteristics.

Tackling VM sprawl and planning capacity

OpManager goes beyond traditional monitoring by addressing challenges like VM sprawl. In large-scale organizations managing hundreds of VMs, OpManager assists in analyzing and predicting resource limits. The dedicated VM Sprawl dashboard identifies idle, under-allocated, and over-allocated VMs, allowing admins to reallocate resources effectively. Additionally, the solution’s capacity planning features enable real-time monitoring of critical performance metrics, guiding informed decisions about resource upgrades or optimization.

Automated fault management and troubleshooting

OpManager doesn’t just monitor; it empowers administrators with automated fault management and troubleshooting capabilities. Instant notifications via SMS or email keep admins informed about performance hiccups, faults, and downtime. With advanced workflow automation, OpManager streamlines fault management activities, automating tasks that no longer require manual intervention.

In essence, OpManager presents you with a holistic VM monitoring solution, providing the tools and insights necessary for the efficient management and optimization of VMs in today’s dynamic IT landscape.

OpManager is a part of ManageEngine’s ITOM suite of solutions. Apart from network monitoring, this suite also offers solutions for streamlining server monitoring, application monitoring, bandwidth monitoring, configuration management, firewall security and compliance, and IP address and switch port management. This is why ManageEngine’s ITOM solutions are the ideal choice for over one million IT admins worldwide.