NetFlow Analyzer

NetFlow Analyzer is a bandwidth monitoring and network forensics tool which provides an in-depth visibility into network traffic and its patterns.

3 Ways to handle March Madness

‘March Madness’ is back.

It is that time of the year for our IT network administrators to spend sleepless nights, work extra hours to merely keep the network up and running.

What is the cost that companies pay for March …

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Congrats Lotus F1 Team for winning the Australian Grand Prix

The road to victory is never easy.

Taking a treacherous path with grit powers one to the mantle of success.

It also requires one to take the most correct decisions at the most correct moment and as far as their …

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Cisco Performance Monitoring using NetFlow Analyzer.

Cisco Performance Monitor helps you to identify performance issues on the network, Now a days Video is every where and when it comes to corporate network, it has to be treated in such a way that it is with high …

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Working of Google Map from build 9700

Recently we have been receiving  a couple of mails from different customer with queries on Google Maps. There has been a change in Google Map in NetFlow Analyzer since Google has introduction  API Version 3.

Please refer the this link …

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Configuring HighPerf Reporting Engine Part-2

The previous blog gave you detailed information on installing the HighPerf Reporting Engine in Windows environment.

This blog will give you an idea about installing the HighPerf Reporting Engine Add-On in Linux environment.

You can download the HighPerf Reporting Engine …

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Configuring HighPerf Reporting Engine Part-1

In continuation to our introduction blog on HighPerf reporting engine, this one discuss about how to install the HighPerf reporting engine and integrate it with NetFlow Analyzer.

This HighPerf reporting engine comes as a add-on package to NetFlow Analyzer. It …

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Cisco Sup 2T NetFlow Configuration

Ever since Flexible NetFlow was introduced by Cisco, they started supporting this advanced NetFlow export on most of the routers and switches. This Flexible NetFlow is really flexible such that user can define their own custom record to be exported …

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Superbowl vs Soup bowl!

The Superbowl fever is still on. It has the potential of putting the IT Administrator at the brink of a soup bowl. Statistics show that people love streaming Superbowl related videos, reading about it, discussing it and sharing videos about …

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An Introduction to High Perf Reporting Engine from NetFlow Analyzer

When it comes to traffic reporting and network troubleshooting to find bottlenecks or bandwidth spikes, complete port level analysis of raw flows is required and this will help to find out the cause.

NetFlow Analyzer troubleshooting report with Sub Minute …

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Sample Based Flexible NetFlow Export Configuration

NetFlow technology involves checking the packets traversing a router interface to identify the actual traffic. The high volume of packets and packet rates of traffic on some router links causes the router to use higher CPU and memory during such …

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