Application Visibility and Control for Better Bandwidth Analysis

Traditionally, using NetFlow to perform bandwidth analysis on application visibility was primarily based on port and protocol information. The monitoring software identifies applications as HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, and other protocols based on mapping well-known ports and protocols.

Today, most applications …

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Quality of Service (QoS): A Good Traffic Engineering Component

Today, we commonly see IT budget reduction, cost cutting, and barriers for potential network circuit upgrades. In this tough economic situation, the motive of a network administrator should be optimizing the current infrastructure for future accommodations.

Optimization plays a major …

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Identifying Layer 7 Application Traffic to Make Your WAN Hum

Network administrators around the globe are very concerned about the type of traffic that is exiting their network. They want their critical business application over the WAN to perform at its best. Non-critical applications like web traffic and social media …

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This Week’s Five: Tune Your Bandwidth

This Week’s Five is the column where we bring to you a collection of five interesting reads from all over the web, with a different topic every week. This week, we are exploring the importance of bandwidth and traffic flow

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All New Distributed Edition of NetFlow Analyzer

Until 2012, NetFlow Analyzer’s Enterprise edition benefited ISPs, MSPs and large organizations that had distributed network architecture, in monitoring their bandwidth.

Any organization with less than 600 interfaces and want to monitor all of them by installing product on Head …

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3 Ways to handle March Madness

‘March Madness’ is back.

It is that time of the year for our IT network administrators to spend sleepless nights, work extra hours to merely keep the network up and running.

What is the cost that companies pay for March …

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Congrats Lotus F1 Team for winning the Australian Grand Prix

The road to victory is never easy.

Taking a treacherous path with grit powers one to the mantle of success.

It also requires one to take the most correct decisions at the most correct moment and as far as their …

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Cisco Performance Monitoring using NetFlow Analyzer.

Cisco Performance Monitor helps you to identify performance issues on the network, Now a days Video is every where and when it comes to corporate network, it has to be treated in such a way that it is with high …

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Working of Google Map from build 9700

Recently we have been receiving  a couple of mails from different customer with queries on Google Maps. There has been a change in Google Map in NetFlow Analyzer since Google has introduction  API Version 3.

Please refer the this link …

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