3 ways to handle March Madness

NetFlow Analyzer | March 20, 2013 | 1 min read

March Madness is back.

It is that time of the year for our IT network administrators to spend sleepless nights and work extra hours to merely keep the network up and running.

What does March Madness cost companies?

  • Cost of employee wages for their non-productive hours
  • Cost of streaming bandwidth
  • Cost of network downtime and the operational challenges it poses
  • Cost of restoring the network, and the extra hours that the IT administrator gets paid

Ultimately, enterprises end up spending millions of dollars as a “cost function” instead of a “profit function,” and that is despite the fact that there is an IT department that can avoid it.

How do you avoid wasting millions of dollars?

  • Take control: Don’t let your network act on its own. Take control of it by continuous, vigilant monitoring.
  • Prioritize: Assign the highest priority to your most critical business applications over streaming videos.
  • Monitor and measure: These are the golden M’s for any resource utilization. Networks are meant to help businesses get richer and not poorer. Monitoring is the only way to ensure that happens.

To help you take further action, there are a lot of user-friendly tools to monitor traffic and also take care of QoSSLAs, etc.

Don’t let March Madness make you go mad! Happy March Madness from ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer!