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Free Tools | February 14, 2017 | 2 min read
Free windows admin tools-software inventory tool

Manage your windows machines using Free Windows Admin Tools

When you’re a football coach, keeping track of your players’ performance, skills, physical fitness, strengths, and weaknesses is mandatory. As a coach, you also need to know what the opposing team can do. It’s the same when you’re an IT administrator: keeping track of user requirements, software installations, and other details is part of your routine.

Whether preparing for the big game or tracking software details, being proactive can help your team succeed. With Free Windows Admin Tool, switching from a reactive strategy to proactive one is not only simple but completely free. Everyone wants to feel the sense of relief that comes when everything is on track and under control.

Desktop Central’s Free Windows Admin Tools 3.0 contains 14 free tools to make day-to-day desktop management simple. Fetching the status for various software applications, installed on numerous computers, is tiresome. You know what we’re talking about. What if all this software information could be fetched easily, for free?

That’s what Free Windows Admin Tools can do for you. Its Software Inventory Tool collects information about the software installed on remote windows domain computers. This tool helps you view a list of installed software, including the software name, version, installation date, and other software details. These details can be exported as TXT or CSV files.

 Follow the steps below to try this software inventory tool :

  1. Download and install the Software Inventory Tool from here.

  2. Learn about setting up the tool here.

  3. Select the Domain name from the left-hand panel.

  4. Select the Computer for which you want to view the software details.

  5. Click Software Inventory to access software details.

  6. View the total number of software, software names, versions, and manufacturers on the right-hand panel. Click the Choose column button to alter the view. Click Export As button to save the results in .TXT or .CSV format.

Software inventory tool appearance

Software Inventory Tool appearance

Not all games are fruitful, and not all coaches can win trophies. But with Free Windows Admin Tools on your side, things are definitely going to turn out best for your IT administrator and enterprise.

 Download Free Windows Admin Tools now to start managing your desktops in a simple way with absolutely no hidden costs.