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Track your software for free

When you’re a football coach, keeping track of your players’ performance, skills, physical fitness, strengths, and weaknesses is mandatory. As a coach, you also need to know what the opposing team can do. It’s the same when you’re an IT

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The free ping tool that saved my day

It’s business as usual at the corporate headquarters of Zylker, the fictional company in Anytown, USA. It’s seven in the morning and people are bustling in and out of the pantry with steaming cups of tea and coffee. Martina,

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3 Reasons Why an SMB Must Get the Free Windows Service Monitoring Tool



SMBs strive on an everyday basis to increase customer loyalty and reduce operating costs. Often, they are hard pressed for resources with just a few IT admins managing several servers. As an IT admin in an SMB, you may …

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Disk Monitoring Made Easy and Effective with Free Disk Monitor Lite

Efficient capacity management involves  proper planning and execution. To plan effectively, you must first acquire an in-depth understanding of the available disk space in the host system. Deploying applications is not difficult. However, knowing which drive  has adequate space to …

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PowerShell Local User Management vs. Free GUI Local User Management

Microsoft has updated its PowerShell local user management commands. You can find them at As you can see, you have the ability to control local users in many ways using the

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Free Tools that Keep Your Websites Reliable


Yes, I admit it, I went to Google to learn about network and site reliability. And, guess what time I did that? At 2 in the morning. And, not just that, I find myself going to every single time

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Enable SNMP Service on Your Remote Windows Machines for Free!

In any organization, IT admins ensure seamless work flow by continuously monitoring servers and applications. And, SNMP helps IT admins by fetching information about the servers and applications. However, this is possible only on servers and applications where the SNMP

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Worrying Doesn’t Keep IT Problems Away. Good Tools Do!

Free tools to quickly troubleshoot your way and stay on top of IT

Love them or hate them, but you cannot ignore them. Surprises, pleasant or otherwise, are a way of life for a sysadmin. The degree of surprise

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