Just like consumers, enterprises rarely have the same needs and requirements. Various organizations in the same industry often use different sets of applications. Moreover, an application that is vital to one company could be insignificant to another. To give ManageEngine customers the freedom to patch the specific set of applications they use, we have introduced a feature that allows automatic selection of applications inside the Microsoft SCCM console.

With this feature, all customers have to do is set up Patch Connect Plus,

which only takes about five minutes. Afterward, they’ll never need to open the Patch Connect Plus console again and can handle all third-party patch management tasks using Microsoft SCCM. They can select applications requiring patch support from a list of applications in the network from the Microsoft SCCM console. Microsoft SCCM in turn will automatically deploy the patches for the selected applications when they are available. This not only makes patch management of non-Microsoft applications automated, but also makes it convenient for administrators. 

After the applications have been selected, the administrators can see the following view, where they can track the status of patches available for their selected applications:

Automation of the whole patch management cycle would require patches to be installed on the CCM agents, which allow installation of the patch only if it is from a trusted vendor. But, since these patches are from vendors other than Microsoft, they aren’t allowed by the agents. This means the administrators have to add the vendors to the trusted store and then deploy the patches again, wasting a lot of time in the process.

But with the automated addition of certificates to the vendor store, the deployed non-Microsoft patches would also be trusted by the CCM agents, and the updates would successfully install. This equips administrators to automate the whole patch management cycle from automated discovery of vulnerabilities to deployment of patches after addition of third-party vendors to the trusted vendor store leading to successful installation of patches on the CCM agents.

With the inclusion of these new features, Patch Connect Plus is equipped to deliver what every administrator needs by removing system vulnerabilities from their network easily to ensure security at all times.

To know more about ManageEngine Patch Connect Plus, please visit: https://www.manageengine.com/sccm-third-party-patch-management/