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Desktop Central is integrated desktop and mobile device management software that helps in managing servers, laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets from a central location.

Desktop Central: Day one support for the Windows 10 Creators Update

The wait is finally over. On April 11th, Microsoft released the Windows 10 Creators Update—this is the third major release, and it comes with a wealth of new additions and upgrades to make your computer more secure and productive

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6 reasons enterprises need to implement a USB security management system

“Our technological powers increase, but the side effects and potential hazards also escalate.”

                                           -Alvin Toffler, American writer and futurist

Technology has seen some drastic developments in the last few decades. From CRT to LED monitors, Microsoft Paint to Google Tilt

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Windows 10 cumulative updates: Everything you need to know

What is the most unpleasant aspect of life for a Windows admin, which, if ignored, can lead to much bigger problems? Undoubtedly, patch management. Making sure every machine in the environment has the latest patches installed can sometimes turn out …

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Desktop Central’s self-service portal: Approve user requests to automatically install software

These days, everyone enjoys the convenience of swift and effortless services—from high-speed internet, to online shopping, to pizza being delivered to your door. Following in this trend, modern organizations must deliver products and services quickly and effectively. Managing

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Integrate ServiceNow with Desktop Central for up-to-date inventory information

Many companies around the world believe IT asset management can be managed by hand, using spreadsheets. Often, it’s only after an audit that these companies realize their manually-maintained spreadsheets are outdated due to negligence. They may have to pay a

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Test drive your patches before deploying them using Desktop Central.

There are very few things we purchase without testing first: we run to fitting rooms with hangers full of clothes in a quest to find the perfect pair of jeans, we take various cars for spins before finally deciding on

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Desktop Central adds support for Windows Server 2016.

Microsoft has announced the general availability of Windows Server 2016, and you can start managing it immediately using Desktop Central.

The new Windows Server 2016 has a bundle of features that help bolster security, add deployment options, and help developers …

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Experience uninterrupted service of Desktop Central

Nobody likes outages. We all have a Plan B to avoid having to deal with the unexpected for too long. Maybe you have roadside assistance in case your car breaks down, or keep a flashlight in the house in case …

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How can enterprises be mobile-first?

What is mobile-first, and how can enterprises be mobile-first? Enterprises that realize that mobile devices are primary tools for employees to get work done are referred to as mobile-first enterprises.

Enterprises are slowly but surely opening up to the idea …

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Block unwanted applications in the enterprise


IT teams often face the challenging task of curbing the use of certain applications. They can encounter numerous incidents where the organization’s sensitive information has the potential to be exploited. Security breaches, which often lead to numerous phishing scams

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