Applications Manager

Applications Manager Software for server and application performance monitoring.

Tip: Root Cause Analysis

A look at our Google Analytics data for the online demo show that users rarely click the ‘Root Cause Analysis’ icon. That could mean that this is a relatively hidden feature. We have iterated on showing different icons many times …

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Tip: Monitoring httpdx processes

[ <b>Mood:</b> Amused ]<br />Recently we had a customer who asked if its possible to monitor multiple instances of a similar process as if they are related. The processes had the name patterned as httpd1.exe,httpd2.exe,httpd3.exe etc. This scenario could come …

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Techdirt website having troubles ?

I am a frequent visitor of Techdirt. But this website has been giving PHP errors (in their home page and other articles’ pages ) for more than 1/2 an hour now. What do you call techdirt itself getting techdirt(ed) …

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Tip: Monitor Unsupported Types

[ <b>Mood:</b> Happy ]<br />[ <b>Currently:</b> Reading ]<br />Some users complain on the non availability of out-of-the-box capability for some types of applications and devices. This can be overcome by using SNMP monitoring capability if the device or application is …

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Tip: Configuring Thresholds

[ <b>Mood:</b> Cool ]<br />[ <b>Currently:</b> Working ]<br />Many users ask how they can configure the right thresholds for the various metrics in Applications Manager. We do not give default thresholds for all metrics because this may not hold good …

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Wanted Feedback

We are always looking for customers who use and support ManageEngine Applications Manager and would like to speak publicly about their use of Applications Manager. It is our customers speaking about their positive experience with AdventNet products and services that …

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Stewart McKie Applauds Applications Manager

Stewart McKie has covered Google Maps integration with Applications Manager, in his The article is available as a PDF – IT Resource Visualization

IT Resource VisualizationLocation analytics is fast becoming one of the most interesting areas of IT

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Olle Bergstr?m did not read the manual!

Olle Bergstr?m, WM-data Sverige AB, Sweden shared his views on working with ManageEngine Applications Manager.

“Applications Manager of all things was very easy to use, right out of the box! Agentless Monitoring really makes life easy for administrators. It is …

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Issues in integration of Google Maps ironed out

Well, we are at it again! Yes, we have released a minor update (SP 5.6) of AppManager. The core of it was to fix the issues that were found in the integration of Google Maps.

Do download & try it …

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Customer Helps Out

Alexei Roudnev from Exigengroup, helped us resolve an issue in monitoring via SNMP mode for SLES9. All SNMP agents were upgraded to the new one from SLES9 ServciePack3 and the issue got fixed.

So the customer recommends snmpd from SLES9 …

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