Well today’s post is about ManageEngine PasswordManager Pro which is a related product from ManageEngine. This product helps manage application / server passwords. Below is a second person,- an IT admin’s account.

Well here is a graphic that tells it all -)



I am Patrick. Your typical IT administrator. I am responsible for managing mission-critical business applications like app servers, databases, web services etc. in my network. And I use ManageEngine Applications Manager to monitor and manage them and ensure quality of service. With the growth of our application infrastructure by the day, my call of duty has gone beyond just managing the status of these applications. Can you take a quick guess what else? Well…It is not just about performance and availability anymore, but about managing passwords for these applications and securing them as well!

Now here are some of the challenges I face day to day. And as fellow IT administrators, I am sure you do too in your respective organizations. Admin passwords of applications are usually stored in plain text in files and are rarely changed, leaving them unprotected and posing a security threat. Even passwords that you store in Applications Manager to connect to the monitors for collecting management data , though secure, are rarely changed. How do I ensure that these passwords are shared efficiently and managed periodically, such that these ‘keys to my kingdom’ never land or remain in unsafe hands?

Sounds like a familiar problem in hand? Indeed it does. You see, balancing application monitoring and application password security is tough. But what keeps me up at night is the thought that one security breach as a result, is bad news for the company. If only I had a software that could help me manage my passwords with ease and secure my application infrastructure.

And then there was good news! I discovered ManageEngine PasswordManager Pro (PMP), which made all I wished for in managing my administrative passwords, now possible. PMP is secure and robust application that offers:

  • a centralized repository for all your administrative passwords
  • ways to securely provide and revoke access to these passwords and more…

Ofcourse if ManageEngine Applications Manager could also easily know these password changes, there is nothing like it. For now I can live with that. And with PasswordManager Pro my headaches are now fewer as I have all my password management needs covered!


As always for ManageEngine products, you can checkout the online demo of ManageEngine PasswordManager Pro and checkout the website for more info .

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