In the ManageEngine Euro Roadshow we had the opportunity to meet many customers and prospects. We came across some interesting usage scenarios among our customers.  Monitoring KPIs was one of them.

Wikipedia defines KPI as indicators that help an organization define and measure progress toward organizational goals.  Also the day to day monitoring of these Key Performance Indicators is called Business Activity Monitoring.

Our script monitoring capability was used by many to monitor KPIs that gave them the visibility about how their business was performing. This along with the infrastructure monitoring capability helped them really understand how IT was impacting their business.

Why talk about KPIs now ?

Well, in the release 8.5, Karthi talks about Database Query Monitoring. This is another powerful capability that can help you monitor business metrics and have custom views created for your Managers.

Let us take an example of a vendor that provides software services to public car parking facilities.

They make sure the automated ticket issuing machines perform well and issue tickets appropriately. In this particular scenario, the administrator can also do one additional thing :

Monitor Business Metrics. By monitoring these business metrics, the company can understand how many cars come in and go out of the parking lot, how long cars are parked on an average, how many short stays, long stays, avg time for free parking etc happen. This gives them more visibility so that they can improve their services.

Happy Diwali !

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ps : Diwali is the “festival of lights” in India.

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