IT teams today often face challenges in achieving optimal output as they juggle multiple applications and technologies essential for executing critical tasks. Their digital ecosystems have become more complex as they are forced to implement newer software to keep up with customer demands. This creates a plethora of new issues that many administrators are unequipped to deal with.

Accomplishing optimal efficiency is a crucial aspect that every business must attain to stand a fighting chance in the modern competitive world. To avoid spending precious man-hours on performance diagnosis, IT teams need a comprehensive system that can provide them with a holistic understanding of the inner workings of their applications.

This is where APM Insight, our application performance monitoring module, comes in. With APM Insight, IT and DevOps teams can gain in-depth visibility into the root causes of issues, troubleshoot problems faster, monitor and detect suspicious activities, and much more.

Join our webinar on August 29th and learn firsthand how our Application Performance Monitoring module can help your product accomplish optimal efficiency and take its performance to the next level.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Gain a holistic view of your application architecture, from URL to SQL.

  • Track golden metrics and analyze their performance with ease.

  • Improve application code quality with end-to-end distributed tracing.

  • Accelerate issue identification and root cause analysis.

  • Leverage AI to detect anomalies and troubleshoot quickly.

  • Make the best out of the latest enhancements in APM Insight.

For your convenience, this webinar will be broadcast in two different time zones: 6am GMT and 11am EST. Sign up today.