ServiceDesk Plus takes second in Capterra’s list of the most popular help desk software

We are pleased to announce that Capterra has recognized ServiceDesk Plus as the second most popular IT help desk in their latest report.

Capterra helps organizations choose the best software for their business by offering a comprehensive list of …

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ServiceDesk Plus Cloud integrates with Zoho Cliq

One of the biggest challenges an IT service desk team faces is the adoption of self-service. While a dedicated self-service portal can help reduce help desk calls, the real issue is getting users to use it. So how do you …

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Where’d you get those macarons? and other top questions from our AD one-on-ones

Last month we said you should be able to “spend less time worrying about your IT, and spend more time protecting it.” At our User Conference that we held in the Big Apple a couple weeks ago, we proved our …

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Plenty of good vibes at our NYC User Conference 

It’s been just over a two weeks since our NYC User Conference and we’re all still in post-event IT bliss. It was awesome to meet and collaborate with everyone who came, and we’ve heard some great things about their experiences! …

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Mumbai, are you ready? Our Global Active Directory Seminar is headed your way

The next leg of ManageEngine’s Global Active Directory Seminar series is all set to return to Mumbai on November 7th. We are thrilled to come back to a city where we have always received tremendous support from attendees.

Join us …

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CIO symposium attendees agree: “IT is all about asking the right business questions”

As Abhijit Varma, partner ITA at KPMG India, ended his presentation, the audience—who hadn’t let their eyes wander from the stage for ten whole minutes—suddenly rose in applause. Abhijit’s presentation, which was nothing short of a roller coaster ride, managed …

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Adopting a SIEM solution? Here’s what you need to know

Cyberattacks have become an everyday affair, especially with the WannaCry attack and EquiFax breach making headline news recently. You might be asking yourself why cyberattacks have become more common. Is it because of loosened security policies or sophisticated attack methodologies? …

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#Uncomplicate your IT with integrated ITOM software

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, but it often unintentionally makes life even more complicated. IT management tools can reign in this complication, but there are often too many tools to choose from, each with their

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Support your end users, not your software

ITSM is in a period of rapid change, that much is for sure. But with so much changing, it’s important to stay focused on what really matters: helping your end users. At our upcoming NYC User Conference, we’ll

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Ransomware basics: Part 1

There are many articles on ransomware. Many are trying to convince you that if you buy the products they mention, you can prevent ransomware attacks. I want to shed light on the reality of the situation, which is that ransomware …

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