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Media round up!


Here’s a round up of the latest media coverage on ManageEngine.

We all know there’s a growing demand to improve IT service delivery and efficiency. And in order to improve, you have to know what went wrong. But how? All …

ManageEngine 1 min read

Seven things end users don’t know about sysadmins!

Sysadmins, you know you’re awesome, regardless of what your typical end user might think. But what do they know? Sadly, not much. For instance, they don’t know…

1. Your power lies in PowerShell.

If they asked you what the latest, …

ManageEngine 2 min read

8 KPIs that every IT help desk needs to know – KPI 1: Lost business hours

Earlier, I introduced the eight KPIs that are critical to every IT help desk. These KPIs help meet basic IT help desk objectives such as business continuity, organizational productivity, and delivery of services on time and within budget. This blog

ServiceDesk Plus 2 min read

8 KPIs that every IT help desk needs to know: Introduction

People often say “what gets measured gets improved,” but they rarely say what, exactly, should be measured. With  the recent developments in the reporting capabilities of T help desk software, hundreds of KPIs and metrics can  be measured and monitored.

ServiceDesk Plus 1 min read

5 advantages of using cloud-based mobile device management


Now manage your mobile devices on the cloud

Image Courtesy: Google

The cloud is a game changer for the IT industry, optimizing data storage and operations. As Mobile Device Manager Plus embraces the SaaS model with the launch of its cloud edition, here’s a highlight of the

Mobile Device Manager Plus 2 min read

Using workflow to create users

Learn more about Workflow, the Active Directory ticketing and Compliance system. Try ADManager Plus

Active Directory , ADManager 1 min read

UserConf vignettes.


We just wrapped up our user conference  on IT service management (ITSM), and boy, it was one phenomenal experience. It was  amazing and reassuring to see the faith our customers have in us, and that was in

General 2 min read

What Private Equity Means for SolarWinds Users

Well, that was fast. Less than two weeks after SolarWinds committed to reviewing its “strategic alternatives,” the review is complete and the alternative chosen. The winning strategy? Go private.

Yesterday, SolarWinds announced that it is being taken private by

ManageEngine 2 min read

Time for SolarWinds Users to Explore Their Strategic Alternatives

Nothing like letting customers know they are important – until they are not! Recently, SolarWinds announced that it is “reviewing its strategic alternatives” with respect to the company. Here’s how the company’s CEO described the situation in its press release

Corporate Blog 3 min read

Bring Your Own In-Flight Entertainment

One of the earliest in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems was believed to have been inside the airship Hindenburg, which offered passengers a piano, lounge and bar as entertainment. The definition of in-flight entertainment has changed over the decades. From pianos to …

ManageEngine 2 min read