Businesses use tons of custom-made, internal applications to monitor their IT infrastructure. To integrate those apps with AlarmsOne, we introduced email integration. But, as discussed in a previous blog, email alarms don’t contain rich data. To solve this issue, we’ve made it possible to integrate your in-house apps with AlarmsOne using our custom API. The AlarmsOne Custom API is a RESTful API that helps you integrate applications that are capable of making REST API calls.

Consider you’re using your internal monitoring tools along with other third-party tools, say SolarWinds and OpManager, to manage your IT. Now, you can manage alarms from all these applications in one place. All you need to do is integrate your internal tools with AlarmsOne using custom API, then integrate SolarWinds and OpManager with AlarmsOne using built-in inbound integrations, and export all the alarms to the AlarmsOne dashboard.

Adding your application using custom API is easy, as shown in the window below. Select Custom API under inbound integrations. Key in your application label, application name, and click Add.

The next window displays a webhook URL. Send a HTTP POST request to this URL to export alarms from your internal application to AlarmsOne. You can map the fields in your application alarms against the fields in AlarmsOne’s alarms. Click here to learn how to map the fields in an alarm.

It doesn’t matter if you use in-house applications, third-party applications, or both. Now, with the introduction of Custom API integration, you can integrate all your IT management tools with AlarmsOne and manage all your IT alarms from one place. Log in to your account to integrate your in-house app with AlarmsOne now.