Does your application send an email alert when something’s wrong? If so, your IT is about to get a whole lot simpler. You can now integrate your application with AlarmsOne via email.

In our pursuit to develop a centralized tool for IT alarm management, we ran into the challenge of integrating AlarmsOne with applications that are not capable of making REST or Webhook API calls. Email integration changes all of this.

Consider you’re monitoring your network with Solarwinds, and your applications with Site24x7. These two applications are capable of making REST or Webhook API calls, and can be easily integrated with AlarmsOne. But to monitor your servers, maybe you use an internal or third-party tool that isn’t capable of making REST or Webhook API calls, but can send email alerts when something’s wrong. This is where email integration excels. You can automatically export those alerts to AlarmsOne and manage them along with other alerts from Solarwinds and Site24x7, all in one place.

Setting up email integration is a piece of cake. Key in your application label, application name, and monitoring category and click Add to generate an app-specific email ID. In the notification settings of your application, you can configure this email ID to receive alerts and push them to AlarmsOne.

email integration- add app

You can also define a notification profile for email alarms to receive notifications through email, SMS, and voice call. The severity of email alarms is always Warning. When you create a notification profile, make sure it matches this criteria.


Email alarm notifications don’t contain rich data, but with AlarmsOne, this isn’t a problem. You can get a clear picture of the situation by viewing the alert in the AlarmsOne dashboard. Click the View Message link in the AlarmsOne event notification mail to open the alert. From there, you can acknowledge, close, and delete the alarm. You can also share any alarm with your team and even notify users.

email int fullview

Gone are the days when you had to toggle between monitoring tools to manage your IT alarms. Now, you can integrate any application with AlarmsOne. As long as your application is capable of sending email alerts, we’ve got the rest covered. Get started to experience AlarmsOne as a one-stop solution for your IT alarm management.