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AlarmsOne | August 4, 2015 | 2 min read

Alarms are critical in almost every industry. Alarms alert organizations to perceived threats, and each alarm must be addressed before the threat it identifies has a chance to materialize and cause serious damage.

When it comes to the IT industry, infrastructure monitoring plays a major role to ensure 100 percent uptime and to ensure that an outage or service failure doesn’t disturb productivity. To track abnormalities, outages, and the overall health of the network and applications, IT administrators around the globe use network monitoring and application monitoring tools. These monitoring tools poll the network devices and applications at regular intervals to check the health of network devices and applications hosted in the network. They also collect various statistics like bandwidth, resource, and application usage.

The monitoring tools generate alarms if there is service down, usage threshold violation, outage, or some other irregularity. These tools work on pre-defined thresholds, or administrators can define their own thresholds based on their environments. A monitoring tool’s alarm engine carefully watches the health of the network and usage, and it generates alerts if the threshold is violated or if the network or an application behaves abnormally.

The monitoring tool sends the generated alarms to administrators via email or SMS, provided an administrator configures the mail server settings or SMS modem on the application server. Otherwise,  administrators have to log on to the application to find details of generated alarms.

What if the administrators are not in a location to reach the application server? What if the administrators have various monitoring solutions to monitor their various IT elements, including the networks and the applications? Signing in to every application to find details of each alarm would be tedious and time consuming, assuming the administrators could sign in at all.

Clearly, life would be easier for administrators if they had one tool to view, manage, and monitor every alarm from every critical monitoring tool running on the network – all presented in a single console. Well, we’d like to introduce you to your easier life.

AlarmsOne: One Console, Every Alarm

AlarmsOne is a SaaS-based solution that lets you view, manage, and monitor all alarms from every critical monitoring tool running on the network, all displayed in a single console.


​As a cloud service, AlarmsOne lets administrators track all alarms from their applications – regardless of the administrator’s location or the time of day.

AlarmsOne consolidates all alarms and intelligently groups the alarms based on host, network device, application, database, and more. It gives deeper visibility into each alarm, so administrators can minimize downtime and maximize performance.

AlarmsOne seamlessly integrates with tools used for infrastructure monitoring, cloud monitoring, log analysis, and IT help desk. It pulls alarms in real time from those tools and notifies users in real time via SMS, call, email, or a combination of the three.

AlarmsOne is a free service. Sign up by visiting the AlarmsOne website and enjoy hassle-free alarm management.

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