Moving to Windows Server 2016? We’ve got your password management covered

Self Service Password Management Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2016 has been out for nearly eight months now. And like previous Windows operating systems, it doesn’t offer users any self-service options. So, when users forget their passwords or get locked out of their accounts, they have to …

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World Password Day: Beef up your password security with three of our free tools


Don’t share them. Don’t write them down on Post-it notes. Don’t forget them. Make them hard to guess, but still easy to remember.

As an administrator, you’ve probably shared these cardinal rules of password management with your end

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User “self-service password reset” includes multi-factor authentication

As a general rule, administrators need to consider additional security measures when they grant end users control over their own password resets and account unlocks. Security questions are one option, but they have proven to be weak and easy to …

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Notify users (and their managers) that their passwords are about to expire

No one likes to micromanage, but everyone dislikes when a user ignores a critical email. If an email is sent informing the user that their password is going to expire and they ignore it, their password will expire. When a …

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Update local cached credentials for remote users

Administrators are keenly aware of the issues that face remote users. For many administrators, such issues can cause great angst. One issue in particular facing remote users is when they have forgotten their password. In such cases, since the user …

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Three neglected password policy tips that increase security

Most organizations are familiar with the Microsoft password policy and the features it provides. The password policy from Microsoft for Active Directory domains has been the same for over 17 years now. Some organizations have taken the initiative to implement …

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The top 3 drawbacks to Microsoft password policies

We have all been living with the Microsoft password policy solution for many years now. It has sufficed, for the most part, untill now, due to password security requirements. There are distinct drawbacks with the Microsoft solution that all corporations …

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Microsoft password notification weaknesses? Solved.

Have you ever heard these comments about the Windows password expiration notifications?

          I never saw the password notification “bubble.”

          The balloon notification doesn’t display on most users’ workstations.

          A very easy-to-miss bubble hovers there for a few

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