As an IT administrator, most of your tasks revolve around password management. With most organizations using Active Directory (AD) to manage their IT, a major portion of your tasks are AD-based. However, it’s no secret that AD hasn’t evolved well when it comes to password management, even though it’s grown leaps and bounces as a directory service.

It’s tedious and frustrating for administrators like you to put up with it on a daily basis. For example, there’s no provision within AD for a user to reset their password on their own. As a directory service, AD also lacks key features like single sign-on, despite the modern-day employee having to juggle between multiple applications for work.

Such small shortcomings usually fall on the shoulders of IT administrators like yourself in the form of help desk requests. Whether it’s forgotten passwords, locked out accounts, or expired passwords, the first thing a user does is raise a help desk ticket. We understand the monotony of it all. That’s why we’ve composed “The administrator’s guide to simplifying password management” to make your job a lot easier.

In this guide, our product expert talks about:

  • The shortcomings of AD’s native password management features.

  • Useful features that can be coupled with AD for better password management.

  • The best-fit third-party tool for implementing the features discussed without any hassle.

Why wait? Grab a free copy of our guide and simplify your day-to-day password management tasks!

Thejas Sridhar
Product Consultant