The Windows LDAP bind security vulnerability you should know about

The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is used by directory clients to access data held by directory servers. Clients and applications authenticate with Windows Active Directory (AD) using LDAP bind operations.

There are different kinds of LDAP bind operations, including:…

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IT security: Keep calm and monitor PowerShell 

In our last release of the PowerShell security series, we talked about how PowerShell could be leveraged by malicious actors to gain unprecedented access to your organization’s critical assets. From enumerating sensitive domain information and carrying out credential-based attacks to …

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Is your business PCI DSS compliant? 

How Chooseus Life Insurance lost its customers’ cardholder details and their trust

In August 2019, reporters began flocking to Chooseus Life Insurance’s head office in Detroit after news leaked that thousands of the company’s customers had lost money due to …

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NTLM vulnerabilities that make you susceptible to relay attacks

In June 2019, Microsoft released patches for two critical vulnerabilities that were discovered in it’s NT LAN Manager (NTLM) protocol suite affecting all versions. These vulnerabilities let attackers execute malicious code on any Windows machine remotely, or even authenticate to …

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Find out which of your employees pose the greatest security risk

Among the different types of cyberattacks, insider threats are the hardest to track and have the highest rate of success. This can be attributed to their use, or rather misuse, of legitimate credentials, machines, and access privileges.

Traditional SIEM solutions …

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Detecting first time processes on member servers to protect against attacks

In a previous blog, we saw how ADAudit Plus’ user behavior analytics (UBA) capabilities allow administrators to monitor user logon activity to identify compromised accounts. UBA in ADAudit Plus can also help you track any unusual process on member …

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Monitoring user logon activity to identify compromised accounts

In a previous blog, we saw how ADAudit Plus’ user behavior analytics (UBA) capabilities allow administrators to monitor the file activity of users to identify anomalies. UBA in ADAudit Plus can also aid in identifying compromised accounts by monitoring …

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Unmask malicious insiders with user behavior analytics

Insider threats are both the most successful way to exfiltrate sensitive business data and the hardest cyberattack to detect. This is because these attacks are carried out using legitimate credentials, machines, and access privileges. Simple perimeter defense or rule-based monitoring …

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[Infographic]Three tips to simplify Active Directory compliance and auditing

In the previous blog of this series, “[Infographic] Still manually onboarding users into Active Directory? There’s a better way!“, we discussed the tips and tricks to onboard users into Active Directory. In this blog, let’s discuss what admins …

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