It gives us immense pleasure to announce that ManageEngine has been declared a winner in the Cybersecurity Breakthrough Awards 2022. ManageEngine ADAudit Plus, our IT security and compliance solution, was the winner in the User Behavior Analytics Security Solution category. The Cybersecurity Breakthrough Awards aim to recognize the top companies, products, technical innovation, and people that break through the crowded cybersecurity industry. Winning this award is a testament to ManageEngine’s security-first approach, which helps organizations with their IT management and compliance needs.

With insider threats becoming one of the most pressing challenges facing organizations today, a user and behavior analytics (UBA) security solution is the need of the hour. UBA leverages ML and AI techniques to establish a baseline of normal user behavior. This makes it easier to identify anomalous behavior, which may indicate malicious activity within the network, such as insider threats and attacks. A UBA solution thus becomes indispensable for any organization to thwart a wide range of attacks in the current cybersecurity landscape.

 ADAudit Plus: ManageEngine’s award-winning UBA solution

 ADAudit Plus is ManageEngine’s IT security and compliance solution that provides visibility over the changes to the content and configuration of Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, and Windows servers. This comprehensive information is provided with the help of over 200 event-specific reports and real-time alerts, which facilitate 24/7 surveillance over the target environments.

ADAudit Plus employs UBA, which leverages data analytics and ML technologies to facilitate better threat detection and response. UBA solutions offer considerable edge over traditional SIEM solutions by detecting threats with greater precision and efficiency. By creating a baseline of usual behavior specific for each user, UBA ensures that any deviations or anomalies are identified immediately, and security teams are alerted for quick response. This helps mitigate the risk of insider threats such as privilege abuse. Comprehensive risk assessment reports help identify vulnerable points in the network and allow the security teams to take action and curb potential threats.

ManageEngine’s security-first approach and expansive range of over 50 products make it a suitable choice for organizations to address the human element and help mitigate insider threats and attacks.