Auditing is essential for addressing security, operational, and compliance needs in a Windows Server environment. However, the built-in Microsoft Windows security auditing tools have certain limitations. These include the requirement for specialized knowledge, processes that consume significant time, and certain functionalities that are absent. As a result, the utilization of third-party auditing solutions like ManageEngine ADAudit Plus becomes imperative.

We put together an e-book to take you through the five essential capabilities required for auditing, the limitations of Windows auditing tools, and how ADAudit Plus helps you overcome them. This e-book also includes 15 important use cases where ADAudit Plus outperforms native Windows auditing tools.

The e-book will take you through the following five limitations and how you can overcome them with ADAudit Plus:

  1. Aggregating logs using Windows Event Forwarding

  1. Detecting critical activity using the Task Scheduler

  1. Generating IT audit reports using PowerShell

  1. Configuring security settings

  1. Retaining logs for the long-term

 You can get a free copy of the e-book here.

Mahidhar Adarsh
Product marketing manager