ManageEngine ADAudit Plus is a real-time change auditing and reporting software that fortifies your Active Directory (AD) security infrastructure. With over 250 built-in reports, it provides you with granular insights into what’s happening within your AD, such as all changes made to objects and their attributes. This can include changes to users, computers, groups, network shares, and more. ADAudit Plus also helps monitor privileged user activities in the domain, track logons and logoffs on workstations, and provide visibility into AD account lockouts.

In this blog series, we’ll look at the numerous reports that ADAudit Plus provides.

The User Logon Reports category features 16 pre-configured reports that display granular details through audit information related to user logons, logon failures, users logged into multiple computers, and more.

In our second blog of this series, we’ll talk about the next report in the User Logon category, the Day based Logon Errors report. You can quickly have a brush up on the first blog here: Discover how to utilize the essential User Logon report from ADAudit Plus: Logon Failures

Let’s say hello to James, an IT admin who wants to track network failures in the course of a day.

Problem: How can you track the total number of user logon failures and errors that occurred on a particular day ?

Solution: The Day based Logon Errors report of ADAudit Plus helps James pull up a report on all the failed logon attempts that occurred during the specified time period.

             Figure 1. This screenshot shows the Day based logon Errors report in ADAudit Plus

The report provides James with extensive details like:

1. Date and time of the logon attempt

2. Failure reason associated with the logons

3. ‌The count of logon errors per day

As seen in Figure 1, the report pulls out all the relevant information required by admins like James to understand how a particular day looks for their organization in terms of user logon failures. Without a report like this, James might have to manually track down and count the number of times the logon failure was reported each day. This can consume an enormous amount of productive working hours!

Further, James can perform the following actions on the generated report:

1. Select Export As to generate the report in any of the preferred formats (CSV, PDF, HTML, and XLS).

2. Schedule these reports to run at a preferred time for automatic periodic reporting and send it to his email address.

3. Use the Add and Remove column links available in the report to select additional attributes.

4. Generate reports by selecting multiple domains.

The who, when, and where information is critical for IT admins to have a clear picture and understanding of what’s happening in their AD, and what can be easily extracted using the extensive ADAudit Plus report feature.

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