In an IT environment, audit reports need to be generated to meet various security and compliance requirements. Our ROI calculator helps organizations estimate their potential yearly cost savings and ROI after automating the audit report generation process with ADAudit Plus.

The potential cost savings is calculated by comparing the cost of generating a report using built-in tools with the cost of generating a report using ADAudit Plus. While generating a report using ADAudit Plus takes just a few clicks after installation, which can be done in less than an hour, generating a report using built-in tools is a time-consuming process.

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ADAudit Plus is a UBA-driven auditor that helps keep your AD, Azure AD, file systems (including Windows, NetApp, EMC, Synology, Hitachi, and Huawei), Windows servers, and workstations secure and compliant. ADAudit Plus transforms raw, noisy event log data into real-time reports and alerts, enabling you to get full visibility into the activities happening across your Windows Server ecosystem in just a few clicks. For more information about ADAudit Plus, visit

Mahidhar Adarsh
Product marketing manager