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Where’d you get those macarons? and other top questions from our AD one-on-ones

Last month we said you should be able to “spend less time worrying about your IT, and spend more time protecting it.” At our User Conference that we held in the Big Apple a couple weeks ago, we proved our …

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ADManager Plus now integrates with ServiceDesk Plus

Imagine how efficient your help desk would be if it were empowered to deal with IT issues and manage Active Directory (AD) users from a single console!

This is the central idea that inspired ManageEngine to integrate two of its …

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Securing Active Directory: Analyzing Group Membership

Part of securing Active Directory is ensuring that the groups that have privileges have the correct members. Of course, obtaining the members of a group is not all that hard. What is difficult is to know which groups have elevated

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Active Directory Object LDAP Syntax

A typical day of an Active Directory administrator entails working within a tool, such as Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC), Active Directory Sites and Services (ADSS), ADManager Plus, or ADAudit Plus. These tools mask

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Automating Inactive User Controls

With so many compliance regulations requiring controls over inactive users, it is important to ensure that these user accounts in Active Directory are correctly managed. There are significant security risks associated with leaving inactive users enabled or available (or both)

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​Delegating “Disabling of Active Directory Users” to a Department Manager

We all know it happens the exact same way each time. There is a user in a department, or maybe a department of users, that are going to be terminated. The protocol is typically the same: the manager of the …

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Thank You. ADManager Plus wins Windows IT Pro Community Choice Silver for the Third Consecutive Year.

When Windows IT Pro, the IT magazine and community, announced the results of 2013 Community Choice Awards last Friday, we felt the same rare and elusive bliss that a golfer would feel after scoring two aces in one round, nice …

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