Organizations worldwide use Active Directory (AD) to manage users, devices and data. The world moves at a fast pace, and it demands that tasks be performed as quickly and efficiently as possible. How many times have you had to create a user account in AD manually? Change passwords? Update group memberships? You could add so many other repetitive AD administrative tasks to this list.

Manually performing tasks is no longer ideal. IT admins are looking for ways to save money, time, and effort. Enter AD automation, the solution for efficient IT management! Automating repetitive tasks saves you time, reduces IT expenses, and increases productivity in your organization. We even have a comprehensive guide, The ultimate guide to mastering Active Directory automation, to help you automate your AD environment!

The need for automation in AD

A typical day in the life of an IT admin includes repetitive and time-consuming tasks like provisioning and deprovisioning users, maintaining different OUs across the network, updating user attributes and access rights, and more. This list of some typical IT admin tasks gives you an idea of the time, money, and effort organizations invest in their AD environment.

Automating these tasks allows IT admins to save time and effort, and increases their productivity by enabling them to shift their focus to more vital responsibilities. Streamlining operations and eliminating the possibility of human error are key reasons for choosing to automate AD management in your organization.

How to automate in AD

Automating using native AD can be tiresome. A traditional option, PowerShell, is often clunky, slow, and requires script writing that involves a steep learning curve. It can also be confusing to decide which AD tasks can be automated and how to go about it. To avoid the complications involved with automating in the AD environment, we have developed an AD automation guide, The ultimate guide to mastering Active Directory automation, to help you with the process. Discover which tasks should be automated for smoother functioning and how to accomplish them easily with ManageEngine ADManager Plus. Download the guide now!