Cisco IP SLA VO reporting in NetFlow Analyzer

Adoption of video-based applications is rising on the network in addition to VoIP and data, which makes the IT network administrator’s task more complex. It is required to assure high end to end performance despite having this overhead. Video packets are heavy in nature with high flow rates, which impact the network heavily. Before deploying video traffic on the network, the network should be assessed for performance parameters due to the impact of video. Cisco IP SLA – Video Operations(IP SLA VO) acts as a stress tester on the network. One can validate the effect of rich media applications on the performance of other applications on the network. This helps a great way in ensuring that the network c…

How video traffic helps your Enterprise and why it needs to be monitored

If you belong to an Enterprise that is using video in your network to its full potential, then this post could probably surprise you. If you are an Enterprise wondering what all the fuss and buzz about video traffic is, then this is something you certainly should not miss. In this post, we will see some use-cases for video traffic in the Enterprise network and how it could make your environment more productive. Surveillance:  CCTVs and cameras are inevitable components of ensuring a secure workplace. They have helped several Enterprises identify miscreants that hide inside the company and involve themselves in activities detrimental to the Organization’s progress. Even the slightest lapse or dela…

Network Performance Analysis using Cisco IP SLA VO

Nowadays, video traffic on the network has become as prominent on the network as data and voice. One of the major contributing factors to this is the increasing adoption of video for meetings, conferencing etc. There are a lot of vendors in the market that provide video hosting services for such purposes. Video packets (RTP) significantly impact network performance owing to their heavy nature and high flow rates. So before deploying video traffic on the network, the network should be assessed for performance as to how much will it impact the network. We have discussed in our earlier blogs about video traffic monitoring using Cisco Medianet and Mediatrace in NetFlow Analyzer. These features will help us to id…

Network Performance Analysis using NetFlow Analyzer.

Now a days, both VoIP and business critical data are given equal weight and priority. Especially companies who are in cloud computing business consider data as more critical part of their business. This blog explains how NetFlow Analyzer helps to identify performance issues on cloud computing environment. Use Case Scenario :- A company which is hosting Online applications have a data center in different locations, The data entered by their customer on its online application will be stored in the primary data center and the same data is been replicated to different data center at branch offices. So, in case of failure in primary data center, the Secondary takes the job and there wont be any data loss. For them c…

Policing Live video traffic and monitoring using NetFlow Analyzer

I hope everyone who had attended our joint webinar with Cisco about QoS Design and validation, would have got a better idea on how to design a network with effective QoS policing. For those who missed the Webinar, you can find the video presentation here. In continuation to our Webinar, this blogs helps you in setting up QoS policies for Live Video Traffic and monitor them using NetFlow Analyzer. On a network the Video traffic spread in three format:
  1. Video Conferencing
  2. Video On Demand
  3. Video Broadcast
Video traffic has very high and extremely variable packets rate with a much higher average maximum transmission unit (MTU) when comparing to Voice. QoS Treatment:- For classifying the Video traffic to appropriat…

AppFlow Configuration on Citrix Netscaler Device

Enterprise Devices like Citrix Netscaler, Sonicwall are started supporting AppFlow export. What this AppFlow export really means? AppFlow:- AppFlow is a new flow export standard for finding data pertaining to applications & transactions in the network infrastructure. It gives greater visibility to Application traffic utilization and performance. AppFlow addresses the following requirements of Application Performance Management:
  • No need for Costly equipment for Application Optimization.
  • Cloud Compatible
  • Standard flow export
AppFlow Design:- The AppFlow exported from a device has 2 parts:
  • TCP based network Information
  • Application Layer data
To know more about AppFlow, click here. Are…

Network Latency Monitoring in NetFlow Analyzer

Majority of corporate network is switching to MPLS from Frame Relay networks. MPLS network are more faster, easy to manage and reliable. Despite of faster data transfer through MPLS network do suffer delay or latency. Interested in monitoring Network latency Round trip time on a MPLS network using your bandwidth monitoring tool? It can be done only if you have ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer in place on your network, because it is the only bandwidth monitoring tool which has all the aspect of Bandwidth monitoring and Network Performance Monitoring. Consider MPLS Network as given below:

In site A there hosted a People Soft server which is accessed by every user in Head Office and Branch Office. Network Adminis…

Live Video Traffic Monitoring in NetFlow Analyzer with Minimal effort

Now! NetFlow Analyzer 9.6 got released. So the question would be, what’s new in it?. Click here to get answer for this. This blog is about a more exciting and valuable feature for Networkers, as it saves time spend on report generation. Yes, this is about On Demand Mediatrace reporting which I have already talked about in my earlier blog. Instant report generation available for Performance Analysis of Media rich traffic. Cisco Mediatrace monitoring allows you as a network admin, to analyze the performance of real time traffic session on each hop. With this On Demand Mediatrace monitoring, Network Admin has visibility of current sessions going on the Network device and he can choose the session for whic…

Analyzing Live Video Performance using NetFlow Analyzer

With highly advanced technology development, the overhead on Network Administrators in ensuring prompt delivery of business critical applications over the WAN is very high. Video conferencing is predominantly taking place in major organizations for a variety of reasons like less cost, more productivity and a whole lot of advantages it can offer. Video conferencing will take place between different branch locations within the same country or over the WAN between different countries. A Network Administrator needs to ensure smooth conferencing of video and avoid undesirable factors such as delay, packet loss and jitter, which are most likely to hamper the quality of the video.
In general, the Network A…

Application Performance Monitoring using NetFlow Analyzer

In most of the Corporate networks, the common problem seen over decades is that application performance worsens during business hours. Network Admin managing the corporate network faces the huge task of finding out what is causing the slowness in accessing the application hosted on a remote data center. The application performance can degrade due to following reasons:
  1. Application installed server is not good enough (Related Hardware).
  2. Bandwidth availability is less when accessing from remote office
The first point can be troubleshooted using our ManageEngine tools like ManageEngine OpManager and ManageEngine Application Manager. We will concentrate on the 2nd Point which is our focus area, since