With highly advanced technology development, the overhead on Network Administrators in ensuring prompt delivery of business critical applications over the WAN is very high. Video conferencing is predominantly taking place in major organizations for a variety of reasons like less cost, more productivity and a whole lot of advantages it can offer.

Video conferencing will take place between different branch locations within the same country or over the WAN between different countries. A Network Administrator needs to ensure smooth conferencing of video and avoid undesirable factors such as delay, packet loss and jitter, which are most likely to hamper the quality of the video.

In general, the Network Administrator would adjust bandwidth allocation in order to handle quality related issues for media rich traffic. With Cisco Medianet, this task has become really simple as the networks get intelligent enough on their own. To ensure effectiveness of the changes that have been made on the network.

Video traffic Quality  Monitoring:- 

Network Administrators can now easily configure their devices for video traffic monitoring through Medianet and Mediatrace reports of NetFlow Analyzer.

The illustration shows a video conferencing between 2 sites over WAN for about 4 hours, NetFlow Analyzer is used to monitor live video traffic between these 2  sites to know the performance over WAN. 

Medianet and Mediatrace Report from NetFlow Analyzer:


We have not stopped with this, In our next release, you won’t need to create monitors for Medianet and Mediatrace reporting. We have brought in a feature called On Demand report in which you specify the session details and continue monitoring the media rich traffic in real time basis.

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