Why riding the wave in 2016 was a good idea for Password Manager Pro


“The Forrester Wave
TM: Privileged Identity Management Q3 2016″
is out and has named Password Manager Pro a Strong Performer. We are happy to hear this news and feel that Forrester’s report on the privileged identity management (PIM) market offers significant input about the market’s key drivers and future trends. Forrester analysts studied standard industry metrics and evaluated the market to reveal the best available options.  Analyzing a market is not easy, especially one like the PIM market, which has significantly matured over the years but still falls short of a clear definition. There is also a lack of consumer awareness—a gap that we vendors have to bridge. For instan

Snapshot of success: Password Manager Pro helps Indian Internet service provider regulate privileged access to its data centers.

Password Manager Pro case study
Being a triple-play service provider in India is no easy work. The bundled offering of multiple services (Internet, telephone, and television) calls for a sophisticated data center infrastructure that can handle the wide scale of operations, manage all services simultaneously, and deliver a high-speed network experience to the users. Moreover, modern communication networks face a considerable share of privacy and security threats, which can be overcome only by implementing robust controls around the infrastructure resources and their access. When ACT, India’s renowned triple-play service provider, faced a similar business challenge—the need to streamline privileged access to its d…

Snapshot of success: Australian retail giant streamlines vendor access to IT assets using Password Manager Pro.

E-commerce continues to be a game changer in the retail industry. But the change isn’t always for the better. Along with its promise of enormous growth and competitive advantage, e-commerce poses scores of security issues, including poorly managed, third-party vendor access that leave retailers vulnerable to  data theft and other criminal hacks.  When that access risk was made obvious to a leading retail giant in Australia, the company stepped up its security controls by replacing its existing password management tool with Password Manager Pro. With ManageEngine’s privileged access management solution in place, the retailer has secured its privileged accounts and established stron

Success Story: A Leading Bank in Netherlands Centrally Controls Privileged Access with Password Manager Pro

Against the backdrop of the ever-increasing cyber attacks, government and industry regulations prescribe stringent security measures for banking and financial institutions to safeguard customer data. With information security as the highest priority and tasked with the responsibility to comply with various IT regulations, the IT division of a reputed private bank in the Netherlands started strengthening security controls. The bank handles assets worth billions and is marching towards its tercentenary. The bank’s IT environment is heterogeneous, comprising of more than 500 network devices, multiple versions of Windows and Linux operating systems, databases, and othe

Combat Identity Thefts and Advanced Cyber Threats with Password Manager Pro Enterprise Edition

No one is safe out on the virtual streets of cyber world, and security breaches surface quite frequently to remind us of the same. Lately, the U.S. federal agencies are the  favorite hot spots for hackers. Two weeks ago, the high-tech system of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) was hacked and the personal data of over 100,000 U.S. taxpayers was stolen while the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) suffered what appears to be one of the largest U.S. Government data theft. Cyber criminals broke into the OPM database and accessed the identity information of at least 4 million federal workers. Such attacks expose the sophisticated methods that cyber criminals use and the vulnerability of even the largest of enterp

Microsoft LAPS:  Honest Obituary or False Eulogy to the Death of Passwords?

The famous Latin phrase De mortuis nil nisi bonum (Of the dead, nothing unless good) came to mind last week when Microsoft announced the release of LAPS (Local Administrator Password Solution). Microsoft has been predicting the demise of passwords for over a decade. Way back in 2004, Microsoft’s Chairman, Bill Gates predicted the death of passwords and again in 2006, he claimed that the end to passwords was at sight. And today, Microsoft releases a solution for password management, though only to manage local administrator accounts. Perhaps, by releasing LAPS now, Microsoft is paying an honest obituary. Or, is it a false eulogy? All kidding aside, managing local administrator…

How Secure Is Password Manager Pro?

Gone are the days when all you needed was a strong password to guard your data. Now, we live in an era where you not only choose a strong password, but also get a strong and secure password manager. A password manager is a premier solution that helps consolidate all privileged accounts, controls access, and safeguards the accounts. Therefore, it’s important to get a robust password manager. Over the years, Password Manager Pro, the privileged password management solution from ManageEngine, has emerged as the top choice for IT divisions of enterprises to consolidate and secure privileged identities. As sensitive data gets stored, users normally have many questions on how Password Manager Pro handle

Hacking Hospitality: How to Fight the Cyber-criminals Targeting Business Travelers

ManageEngine Password Manager Pro - How to Fight the Cyber-criminals Targeting Business Travelers
Traditionally, financial institutions have remained the top targets of cyber-criminals across the globe. Of late, hackers are eyeing so many other things thatone would normally consider unworthy of hacking. They are even finding novel ways to monetize the data gathered through such attacks. During the past few months, United Airlines, American Airlines, Park ‘N Fly, Starwood Hotel, and Hilton have all reported breaches (not necessarily attacks on their network or systems, but breaches resulting from attacks on other businesses). This clearly indicates that  the hospitality industry, particularly business travelers, are facing the biggest threat to information secur

​​Jimmy Kimmel Sheds Light on Password Security

Ace comedian Jimmy Kimmel, who is known for tickling our funny bones through his television shows, tried a social engineering experiment last week. In the backdrop of high profile cyber-security incidents, he wanted to measure how safe people’s passwords are. The show has exposed the harsh truth that despite the ever-increasing threats to information security and data privacy, people attach the least importance to password security! In the last few days, you might have noticed this viral video in social media. If you haven’t watched it yet, here is the link: This video should serve as an eye-opener to all of us, especially to those in the IT community. While at the individual level, people tend to us…