No one is safe out on the virtual streets of cyber world, and security breaches surface quite frequently to remind us of the same. Lately, the U.S. federal agencies are the  favorite hot spots for hackers. Two weeks ago, the high-tech system of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) was hacked and the personal data of over 100,000 U.S. taxpayers was stolen while the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) suffered what appears to be one of the largest U.S. Government data theft. Cyber criminals broke into the OPM database and accessed the identity information of at least 4 million federal workers. Such attacks expose the sophisticated methods that cyber criminals use and the vulnerability of even the largest of enterprises.

Often, identity thefts are at the root of modern cyber crimes. Hackers are increasingly targeting login credentials of employees and privileged accounts. These are indeed the ‘Keys to the Kingdom’ with unlimited access to IT assets and the need to secure them is becoming crucial with each data breach. Moreover, the number and mix of privileged accounts in enterprises are growing constantly. So, IT teams are also faced with the challenge of incorporating a reliable and a scalable solution that can automate the entire life cycle of privileged access management with a policy-driven approach. Throw in the need to monitor traffic and comply with several federal IT regulations, today’s enterprises are in a complicated security fix.

Moreover, growth and diversification make it necessary for enterprises to acquire a full-featured solution that integrates seamlessly with their IT infrastructure. The  Enterprise Edition of ManageEngine’s Password Manager Pro with its  improved accuracy and efficiency of privileged access management, will meet all enterprise requirements to the tee.


Highlights of Password Manager Pro Enterprise Edition 

Designed for large enterprises, this edition combines enterprise-class scalability, security, performance, and affordability. It facilitates secure and easy management of shared sensitive information such as passwords, documents, and digital identities. 

Automatic Discovery of Privileged Accounts: Imagine the number of servers, devices, and applications in a large-scale enterprise. Now, imagine the time and labor that’s needed to manually add and secure each privilege account tied to the devices. Now consider  our new edition that automatically discovers IT assets, enumerates privileged accounts, and randomizes the passwords periodically, helping enterprises quickly secure all their privileged identities. The new edition discovers flavors of Windows, Linux, VMware, and network devices and helps manage hundreds of thousands of privileged accounts, tens of thousands of users, and hundreds of resource groups associated with them.

Advanced Integration: The new edition sports advanced integration capabilities that enable easy, hassle-free integration with enterprise IT infrastructure, including identity stores, ticketing systems, SIEM solutions, and any third-party application. We also bring you  an option to integrate Password Manager Pro’s workflow with a range of enterprise ticketing systems to automatically validate and audit service requests related to privileged access. Our product integrates out of the box with ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus, ServiceNow, and Zendesk.

Privileged Session Management: Discovering and securing privileged accounts is just the first step in IT security. Beyond that, enterprises also need real-time visibility into the privileged sessions that are launched to control and monitor who can do what during these sessions. With Password Manager Pro’s session management capabilities, you can video record, archive, and play back privileged sessions for forensic audits. Session Shadowing in this  edition lets you monitor sessions in parallel and terminate them in case of suspicious activity.

Here are some  more new features in the Password Manager Pro Enterprise Edition :

  • Out-of-the-Box Compliance Reports: Generate audit-ready compliance reports for NERC CIP and other industry regulations, including PCI DSS and ISO/IEC-27001. Additionally, you can generate custom reports to meet specific requirements.

  • SQL Server Cluster as Backend Database: The new edition supports use of MS SQL Server or cluster as backend database and configures Password Manager Pro to run in the FIPS 140-2 compliant mode.

  • Pricing that Makes Sense: Our Enterprise Edition is practically priced to meet enterprise IT security budgets and yet compete with alternative solutions that are 10 times more expensive. So, it sure doesn’t go heavy on your pockets.

Now, all that’s left for you to do is go ahead and give our new Enterprise Edition of Password Manager Pro a try!

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