“The Forrester Wave
TM: Privileged Identity Management Q3 2016″
is out and has named Password Manager Pro a Strong Performer. We are happy to hear this news and feel that Forrester’s report on the privileged identity management (PIM) market offers significant input about the market’s key drivers and future trends. Forrester analysts studied standard industry metrics and evaluated the market to reveal the best available options. 

Analyzing a market is not easy, especially one like the PIM market, which has significantly matured over the years but still falls short of a clear definition. There is also a lack of consumer awareness—a gap that we vendors have to bridge. For instance, customers struggle with multiple problems including account provisioning, password sharing, routine password resets, providing secure temporary access, and preparing for IT audits. However, it’s not common knowledge that these problems are related and point to a single identity management solution. 

Furthermore, it didn’t help that other analysts in the field couldn’t figure out a standard term for this market, or determine whether it warranted a standalone solution or if it would need to be part of bigger solution spaces like identity access management (IAM). For instance, one research firm even tried different terms for its earlier reports, including SuperUser Privilege Management (SUPM), Shared Account Password Management (SAPM), Privileged Access Management (PAM and PxM), and more.

For the record, Forrester’s 2014 PIM report, which we did not participate in, was also a bone of contention for a while. In that earlier report, analysts included Active Directory (AD) bridging as a major benchmark for vendor assessment, which a majority of the selected vendors did not offer. Consequently, when the report was announced, the ratings of most vendors took a slight hit. But, Forrester’s evaluation outline this year held a lot of promise. So, we decided to ride the wave. 

Report Tidbits:

Among the 22 criteria Forrester used in the 2016 report to evaluate the top 10 vendors of the PIM market, we received the highest scores possible in nine areas, a few of which are listed below: 

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Direct customer install base 

  • Overall interface intuitiveness, modernness, and ease of use

  • Application-to-application password management

These 22 criteria were also collectively grouped into three categories: Current Offering, Strategy, and Market Presence. As a whole, we fared very well in Strategy, receiving the second highest overall score in this category. In the report, the research analysts distinguished Password Manager Pro from the rest by saying that it, offers the most up-to-date and intuitive user interface.” 

Needless to say, our experience was positive, with Forrester running the review exercise in a way that is similar to how our customers explain problems and look for solutions. Also, Forrester’s definition of the market is in line with customers and most vendors, including us. Moreover, the process was meticulously planned and executed by Forrester Research Inc. The exercise began in January 2016 and ended this May. Call schedules were announced earlier, and it was one smooth ride on the wave. The analysts were thorough and comprehensive with their questions, adding scores only when they were satisfied with the answers. Overall, it was a meaningful ride for us and we have learned a lot from it.

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