Delivering the Promised!

Its always a delight to deliver what was promised!!
Through my previous post, you knew the list of expected are the details..

FacilitiesDesk, the web-based CAFM now enables the users to apply CAD’s DWF to …

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Thanks to…

Well, its been a busy phase for FacilitiesDesk, touring and meeting people…

Thanks to all, who made it a big success for FacilitiesDesk in The Facilities Show Birmingham U.K, Ideaction in Goldcoast Aussie and TFM in Chicago…

The interested folks

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ManageEngine FacilitiesDesk Security Report on

Dear Readers…

Here is a piece of info on CAFM FacilitiesDesk, straight from the table of

“Dear Developer,

Your product ManageEngine FacilitiesDesk has been downloaded and tested by FileCluster Labs on 14 May 2008 using an advanced security …

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TFM Show-Chicago Day2 starts…

FacilitiesDesk had a great start at the TFM show in Chicago…nonetheless its because of you enthusiastic crowd visiting us. Thanks to all our visitors on Day-1, it was great meeting all the people we met yesterday (in just 3 …

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FacilitiesDesk’s 1st ServicePack and Hotfix Release

Hi All,

As mentioned in one of my earlier posts…before bringing up the next big release of Facilities we have done the hotfixes of our FacilitiesDesk 4.

Yes, the HotFix for FacilitiesDesk (Build No.4001) over FacilitiesDesk 4 is released. …

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Merits of Leasing the Office Space and Assets

Okiz! its time for our readers to have some interesting tips on some of the frequent activities of Facilities Management..As the topic suggests the article is all about leasing and its benefits.

When you start a business or grow

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FacilitiesDesk’s Saga Continues…

Hello people,

Good! I am back again with some news after a gap due to tight schedule of our Partner Conference ‘08

Coming straight to the point…hope you all still remember my blog on “FacilitiesDesk in Baltimore [NFMT Tradeshow]”…now

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Link Backs, Awards, Visibility

4 Software 

 Download pipe

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Coming Soon Room booking and AutoCAD Integration

Its like large pizzas offered at discount interestingly with more toppings…my previous blog spoke about the change in price for FacilitiesDesk…Now its time to talk about the toppings.

Since our release there have been few repeated ?concerns..Are we were

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