Expert Review on FacilitiesDesk

Dear Readers,

I am happy to share with you (Content in below link) the review on FacilitiesDesk given by Lucas Artigas in BrotherSoft Editor’s Blog.

Meet you soon with more interesting news’….…

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Some fresh needs addressed…

Yes i am talking about the new release of FacilitiesDesk and the new features in it…

FacilitiesDesk’s Service Pack 5200 is readily available for people to upgrade over 5000 and 5100…Let me give you an idea of what is new …

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Why implement a CAFM system?

More than just installation, the right implementation process is key to successful deployment of a computer-aided facilities management (CAFM) system.

Here are the points to consider when implementing a CAFM system:

  • Deciding your objectives

  1. Decide on the

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FacilitiesDesk @ a glance

All of us believe that, “Visual screens speaks with better clarity than paragraphs of words…”

Now I would like to present to you the value offered by FacilitiesDesk through a visual presentation….


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Facility Management – Newer Perspective…

Technology is evolving day in and day out…so is Facility management. Today’s Facility Managers a learned about various classical processes to newer technological tools in order to manage facilities seamlessly.

With all due respect to the religious teaching methodologies

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List is a little longer today ;-)

I mean the number of items in our update list is a little longer today…Let me put them forward one by one.

We have come up with a Standard Edition over FacilitiesDesk 5. (Difference between FacilitiesDesk Standard Edition &

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AutoCAD in FacilitiesDesk – a visual perspective

Hello Readers,

You are already aware that FacilitiesDesk uses AutoCAD Revit Architecture Suite software, which includes AutoCAD® and Revit® Architecture software application with its release of FacilitiesDesk 5
For the benefit of users using this new edition we have made …

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Following the our release of FacilitiesDesk 5 we recently spent a rejuvenating 3-day break in a hill station “Chickmangalore” – Karnataka. Lush green hills, coffee estates, gardens amidst the mist – Epitome of bliss!!

Letting you know, We are back …

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FacilitiesDesk 5 Release

Dear Readers,

We have released the FacilitiesDesk 5.0

Following are the new salient features of the CAFM software:

And FacilitiesDesk is now available in Chinese and French.

For …

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