I mean the number of items in our update list is a little longer today…Let me put them forward one by one.

We have come up with a Standard Edition over FacilitiesDesk 5. (Difference between FacilitiesDesk Standard Edition & Enterprise Edition)

FacilitiesDesk Standard Edition is Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) tailored to help managers like you to take control of the complete maintenance management of your facilities across the globe from this single console.

On the whole, FacilitiesDesk standard edition provides all that you need to have in full-fledged and productive Maintenance HelpDesk (CMMS).

Below are the major Issues fixed along with this release: (Current FacilitiesDesk 5 users upgrade to ServicePack Build 5001)

  1. Option provided for editing and viewing requester location details in the maintenance request details page
  2. Worktrade delete option has been provided
  3. Maintenance Request view form customizer now offers you to add your own urgency level options
  4. Options for supervisors to edit user location in the requester details page
  5. On importing requesters details from csv – option for importing the login and user names too is provided
  6. Option for adding room type is provided on importing room details from csv and in bulk create room wizard
  7. Issue in assigning a craftsperson to a maintenance request is fixed
  8. Issues on editing the craftperson details are fixed
  9. Navigation issue on viewing the consecutive batch of resources from list view is fixed

There were many more issues fixed which are relatively less critical but put together will improve the usability of the product.

Hope the users are aware of the FacilitiesDesk 5’s Chinese and French version. Now FacilitiesDesk 5 is also available in Polish.

Happy Facility Management!!

Please get back to us with your feedbacks. Feel free to mail your suggestions, views, and opinions about the product.

Email: support@faciltiesdesk.com

Download: http://manageengine.adventnet.com/products/facilities-desk/download.html

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