Delivering the Promised!

Firewall Analyzer | June 17, 2008 | 1 min read

Its always a delight to deliver what was promised!!
Through my previous post, you knew the list of expected are the details..

FacilitiesDesk, the web-based CAFM now enables the users to apply CAD’s DWF to import the space data and inturn have a CAD view to ease the facility and asset management..below are few screen shots:

AutoCAD import Screen

AutoCAD view screen on FacilitiesDesk

  • MSSQL support – we got the green signal from the testing team, FacilitiesDesk is tested with MSSQL and support is declared
  • No more suspense on which other languages will FacilitiesDesk be available in – French and Chinese too!!
  • Other than these we have few more…coming up along with this release pack…
    • Enhanced requester view
    • Room booking – get benefitted with the help of AutoCAD enabled space management features to have hassle free room booking.
    • We have customizable breakdown maintenance requests templates available in FacilitiesDesk5.

Looking forward to catch you all with the “Released” blog banking on your subsequent feedback…