Some fresh needs addressed…

Firewall Analyzer | October 22, 2008 | 1 min read

Yes i am talking about the new release of FacilitiesDesk and the new features in it…

FacilitiesDesk’s Service Pack 5200 is readily available for people to upgrade over 5000 and 5100…Let me give you an idea of what is new in this edition

  • In asset management now track your asset utilizations on a daily basis based on meter readings with regards to their respective reading parameters. These meter reading details can be defined for all assets in the product additional fields.
  • Now preventive maintenance can be scheduled when meter readings reach decided range for assets whose utilization rate is described based on their consumption parameters
  • Schedule Preventive Maintenance tasks for an asset based on reading parameter too along with daily, weekly and monthly schedules
  • Need not anymore schedule PM tasks and raise breakdown requests one by one for individual assets. Well, benefit from scheduling PM tasks and resolving breakdown requests for bulk assets.
  • Each breakdown maintenance request can now be segregated into different tasks and can be assigned to supervisors to track separately and collate them on resolving all to close a particular breakdown maintenance
  • Contract management now features additional fields in contract development form. Also there is a template added for notifying Contract due dates
  • A feature for inventory management is introduced with this release. Assign re-order levels for your resources and subsequently track the utilization of the assets. Instantly get notified on requirement of purchase of assets based re-order levels and generate purchase order directly on need basis

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More to be continued…..